Battleborn Hot Fix Notes (6/15/17)

(tincow77) #21

There’s zero need for a “premade” queue (nowhere near enough people and half the premades don’t even seem to want to play each other) and it isn’t one right now (maybe that’s a problem…it kind of sounds like one?).

Solo/duo draft or solo/duo regular would attract more people, although I’m not sure if it would be enough at this point. See the post I made above about starving people and hamburgers.

Rotating or just changing and promoting queues is the only way forward on PC. Have there always be Quick Match and one or two others and make the one or two others worth more everything.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #22

Does the steak come with two sides and choice of soup or salad, or is it that a la carte gullsh*t?

I did, and now i’m curious about whether the hamburger is McDonald’s or steakhouse quality…

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(Keadron) #23

Can we get either incursion que back or voting in qm on console? Versus draft is always a long wait besides not even liking the mode

(Neb) #24

I love the directors notes! Please keep for all upcoming changes!

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(Wolkeelliot) #25

Is there ever going to be a ranking system for draft mode? I like draft mode a lot, just wish there was a ranking system…

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #26

Do we get any more info on supercharge? Is there a livestream coming up to talk about it? Will it have its own queue for a short time after release?


It will probably have its own queue forever. It’s been confirmed as 3v3 mode and kicking 4/10 players in a lobby when it wins a vote in 5v5, probably isn’t a good idea. :wink:

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #28

Good point. I forgot it was 3v3.

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(The Title Master) #29

As in only premade? Cus I still solo queue in draft and enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue:

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(Not That Handsome Jack) #30

You keep on doing nothing to tell people that the game is now free to play, we’ll be back to old player counts in no time.


No, I only meant that premades are allowed to enter it. Solo queueing in draft isn’t something I’d do, because I’d feel even more bad about being the scrub who ruins the match for both my team and the enemy, but if it’s fun for you then go for it.

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(The Title Master) #32

I’m trying to not sound like a ■■■■ but I don’t really have that problem :joy: But yeah keep solo/duo as QM and anyone can play Draft right? That sounds like the best option :slight_smile:

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #33

Play quick match? Either go up against noobs or get the game mode you don’t want (luckily for me not the problem since I like all modes, but my friends aren’t the same) OR, occasionally, get a team that looks balanced if you check the command ranks but quickly find out you are facing a premade and your side is riddled with absolute morons as you mistakenly play a character not meant to function entirely on their own.

And then there’s Draft.

Where, if you solo queue, you will find your team wants to ban Pendles or something. Where the strangest bans will pop up in general (Saw somebody on here ban Attikus last night, like what…). Where it doesn’t matter who you ban, each team will be the sweatiest as possible. Where you fail to ban Thorn and realize how stupid strong she is. Where you fail to ban Phoebe and realize how annoying she is. Where you realize that the CC meta is still king and Gearbox didn’t address it at all with the new F2P update.

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(Rasterranger) #34

Gearbox Has the worst way of dealing with things. forcing players to play the game the way they want will only drive players away. They are practically sabotaging their own game. I will quit this game before playing draft queue. since I can’t reliably play incursion I just do bot battle for a few matches and than log off right now.

(Deandes in crime) #35

If they make a Flipper skin for Deande, does that make me eligible to join team Arctic?

(Penguin connoisseur.) #36

If Gearbox makes a skin based off of this:

Then you can LEAD Team Arctic, haha!

(Deandes in crime) #37

I like the idea of QM being solo/duo, the only gripe that I have with the queues at the moment is that the map selection in QM is random. I know I’ve said this before, but I feel like I end up playing Face-Off and Capture far too frequently; whilst playing them occasionally is fine, I get a little fed up when I’m playing them constantly.

As for the competitive queue, whilst I personally don’t mind it being permanently Draft Mode, I know that some people do and hate Draft; So I feel like Draft should revert back to weekends only. The only request that I have involving the competitive queue, is to keep Meltdown as part of the voting options. Even if there’s only a slight chance that people will choose it over Incursion itself, it could at least mix up the games every now and again. That, and I’m one of those people where Meltdown is their preferred game mode, and would like a chance of playing it a little bit more competitively.

(Deandes in crime) #38

I’ve never been one for leadership I’m afraid… :confused:

(Penguin connoisseur.) #39

100% my own opinion as well.

(brazen_monkey) #40

Yes, I’ve been complaining about disabling only the 2nd part of the 2-part matchmaking for a while, now.

I have no inside info, but here’s how I imagine the matchmaking was designed:

Phase 1: assemble a team of like-skill players
Phase 2: match that team against a similarly skilled team (where the definition of an acceptable match gets loosened the more time you sit in the queue)

I think they turned off Phase 2 (at least for Quick Match) some time ago (actually, I think they just really loosened up the “acceptable match” definition, which amounts to mostly the same thing). But by keeping Phase 1 in place, you get the results that you are reporting (and that I’ve seen, as well): horrible mismatches in team strength.

Your solution is not a terrible one, but it is certainly a band-aid and then they can’t use Elo for any other purposes since it will be reset often. I think a Solo/Duo Queue with the addition of shuffling the 10 players to form even teams based on Elo would be better. But that would require more effort on their part (at least a partial rewrite of match making).

Unfortunately, I feel like it’s already too late. I was hoping for changes in the match making before Battleborn went Free Trial, but I guess that’s water under the bridge now.