Battleborn Hot Fix Notes (6/15/17)

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Hoping I can grab one or more of those dale bundles before they come off sale.


(the one person that likes capture ) #42

With the current price and drop rate of magnus packs they are really a joke imo which is a shame because they are pretty interesting skins.



I know it’s a band-aid. I’ve tried to come up with something that could be implemented immediately with the current system and doesn’t need any rewrite of matchmaking whatsoever. It’s just so sad to see a good game like Battleborn go down the drain. :frowning:

Forming teams of 10 and reshuffling is a system that doesn’t work with premades. The two step solution you wrote above would work with a healthy playerbase (and when I first played PvP it worked, no matter if I were solo queueing or in a premade), but we need to get there again and the point I saw where it didn’t work was when we fell below 10k players at any time.

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I do not like draft mode.

I either play the mode I want or the character I want but not both.

Quick match could be better by adding more meltdown and incursion.

Imo quick match shouldn’t​ be 80% capture/face-off and 20% meltdown/incursion.and I’m being generous by saying the que is 20% meltdown/incursion.


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No new bundles.
Is it because I might have all of their contents?


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I know it wouldn’t work with 5-man premades, that’s why I suggested it for the solo-duo queue.

I do think your solution would be better than the current situation and would require less work than the 10 man shuffle.



Autocorrect reporting for duty. :smiley:

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:slight_smile: Fixed


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I see some folks saying that a solo/duo que is a good idea but unfortunately I’ve seen first hand that groups of more than 2 will not be deterred by this que. They will simply be queued together or back out of the que and try again.



That’s why I want Elo to be reset in short intervals to make teams truely random and shuffle teams after each match again. I’d honestly wouldn’t even mind banning those for a week who dodge queue 3 times in a row.

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Yeah that definetly sucked for you yesterday man sry…


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[quote=“legendoflink2288, post:49, topic:1562577”] or back out of the que and try again.

Which is time when they AREN’T in a match stomping low-levels. It’s not the perfect solution, but it helps.

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Ok this has bugged me for a while, but never really cared (still don’t much) but every time I go into Public PvE queue, I usually go in order to help a bunch of newbies in Normal Story. This means matchmaking ending with just 1 other person, 1 other non-noob, is NOT of any interest to me.

Sometimes you don’t even get a chance to backout before the voting begins.

Anyways, apparently if you leave at story voting screen you’ll be locked out of all modes which is annoying.

Can that be removed? Again, I want to play with 2+ newbies and not 1 other person. Usually I have my finger on the quit matchmaking button if I don’t get a full team but I don’t always get the option to quit out.


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I 110% agree with this^! It’s why i stopped trying to help new players in PVE months ago!


(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #55

Yeah, it’s getting frustrating. I’m trying to do my part as a Vet and help newbies through the story, but even that is a pain in my ass.


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Yeah it did. Lol

I’ll get over it.


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@Jythri, @JoeKGBX
If any of the story becomes available free to play(not saying it will but as a contingency I’m placing this recommendation preemptively)
Can we do a “mentor/recruit” Que? Meant to let vets actively help new players learn The game


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Fetch fix for shaurox when?

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I love draft mode specially when it was filled only with experienced lvl 100+ players during the first week of the free trial. I had a whole lot of amazing matches as a solo player. Hopefully, it stays permanently and the level cap to join it is increased.