Battleborn Hot Fix Notes (6/15/17)

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #61

Draft Mode has been filled with experienced guys for me. The only problem is how sweaty they are. I get it’s the tryhard mode, but how do people manage to be THIS tryhard, even when the 4 most OP characters are banned? It’s just CC spam all the way, and they’ll likely taunt, too. Thankfully, nobody bans Ghalt any more and my Ghalt loadout lets me melt anybody, so he’s a bit of a counter. And CC immunity at level ten!

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So, is that Latin for “really long” or “probably never”?



Aside of chain stuns I have no inconvenience with the cc spam. All of the other ccs don’t fully immobilize/make your character helpless. Maybe a chained slow and silence? But that has only happened to me once.

I know how deadly Ghalt can be and it’s the reason why I always try to ban him if Kelvin and Boldur are already banned. Unfortunately, you’re right. He doesn’t get banned as often anymore.

I feel the same way with Rath as you do with Ghalt. I can take on and destroy any other team composition that doesn’t have Boldur or Kelvin with Rath… as long as I have at least 1-2 equally skilled players on my team to support my push.


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #64

Chain stun is the main problem when I talk about CC spam, yeah. But another issue is just there’s sooooo muuuuch CC in this game. Almost every kit has CC in it, the game is bloated with it. Sometimes I feel like it just boils down to whoever has the most CC will beat whoever has the most skill… sometimes…

I think Ghalt is actually balanced, honestly. Once you heavy slow him, the dude is pretty much done for. God forbid he gets stunned while trying to lay a trap. Any Ghalt that focuses on tankiness loses a helluvalotta damage, thankfully.


(Natsume Ryu) #65

I cant say how grateful I am for the random qm. i got to play caldarius like three times last night, since capture is the only mode i really consider caldarius even mediocre at, and thats more for his ability to avoid engagements rather than win them.

I havent played caldarius literally for months because of the slow nerf to him (he was nerfed again as of this update ;)), but thanks to there finally being a chance of playing all modes, (i missed face off so much!) i can switch up characters more often! please, please always have a random queue for the sake of everyone who enjoys all the modes!


(The Red Bar Observer) #66

Caldarius nerfs. Mellka is playing the world’s tiniest violin right now. Literally the tiniest. :stuck_out_tongue:


(Natsume Ryu) #67

Caldarius has no passive while slowed now. Absolutely no second jump.

I’ve played better as mellka recently (whom ive only played like 10 matches of total since launch, including multiple runs thru the prologue, lol) than caldarius. :confused: Just too many slows in the game too often. :frowning: At least i can get in and out with mellka and get my elbow in and then fly away. poor cal is just like ‘well, they looked at me, ill just stop in place and die now’ ;_; id be fine with him losing all around damage to get the ability to kite back.

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Thanks to you, I now can blame the balancing team for this result, wasn’t my fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the random gamemode in QM, but it made so many people mad that most matches weren’t fun for me just because of the constant complaining by my team. I have some hope though:

Voting was turned back on and I still could play Face Off once on sunday. It’s not Incursion/Meltdown-only yet.


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #69

Caldarius is still pretty powerful, honestly.



I was joking. I’ve played 6 matches of Face Off in total in this game (that scoreboard was the third one I ever played), I can make any character look bad in it. I’m a little more familiar with Meltdown/Incursion, but most games I play there aren’t really something to brag about too. :wink:

What I know: Caldarius still is a great choice for PvE.

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(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #71

Oh, sorry for the confusion. I meant for that to be directed towards Ryu’s comments.

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(The Red Bar Observer) #72

I can see why Caldy mains might resent Slow disabling his double jump - I’d be unhappy too, if I played him - but in practice, it just means he has to choose whether to engage or escape with his dash attack. No different to how Mellka, El Dragon, and a couple of other characters already play. Plus he sprints fast naturally, so it’s not as though he’s uniquely disadvantaged or immobile.

Mellka’s nerf to her passive was much more serious. She’s more of a one-trick character than ever, and even after the hotfix tweaks, her DPS is significantly down. And the lack of a meaningful rework for venom has left helices like Frag Canister, Venom Contagion, Pool Shot, Refined Canisters, Potent Toxins, and even the once unimpeachable Parting Gift in absolutely abject condition. None of these venom-focused helices synergise with the concept of a single-target melee-only damage amp at all.


(unmaking the universe with math) #73

Though I agree that Caldi is still in a far better spot than Melka
Losing what was essentially an immunity to slow was a big deal
Hes still fine as he still has a mediocre escape(that’s effected by slow) as long as you don’t get flanked
Does Slow effect lunge Eden?
Not snark I’m just curious

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(The Red Bar Observer) #74

Slow does reduce the travel distance on Lunge, yep. (Unless this has changed in the last couple of months or something.)


(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #75


Lol Mellka buffs, lel


(Natsume Ryu) #76

Id be fine with caldarius having whats akin to a pendles-neutered-by-reveals thing if only 4-5 characters in the game had his counter and had to helix into it- as it is, chances are theres going to be a caldy counter in every single match, and several popular picks have slows they dont need to helix into, let alone they can usually helix into more.

i already only ever used his dash to escape before, the speed boost at level 2 to his melee is ok, but never worth the risk of a battleborn coming around the corner to end you.

i started yesterday by only playing caldy in supercharge. i had fun until the slows started pouring in. ;_;

As the game stands, the easiest fix i can see is nerfing all his damage in exchange for giving his survivability back, because we know its something easy for them to do.

When you consider that tanks are the best characters in this game - they can kill you AND survive! - why would you ever play an attacker? Especially in supercharge where theres not enough minions to justify saying you want the 15% bonus.

(add more minions per wave in supercharge, and buff the point cap to 500 to compensate?)

p.s. isics great at supercharge from my experience so far. especially if you have a support. i legit used every part of isics kit- including helixes i never use - to good effect last night. hes no boldur, but hes also not the sniper he is in incursion. i love it.


(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #77

What if they changed one of his less useful helix options into a cleanse on gravitic burst? If he had to use gravitic burst to get the cleanse then he would still be vulnerable to silence and stuns so it wouldn’t be too OP but it would give him a better getaway. Idk. Thoughts?

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(The Red Bar Observer) #78

It’s even easier for them to nerf your damage and leave you without any survivability. Take it from me :disappointed:


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #79

A cleanse on his skill? As in, to shrug off slows and stuff?

I don’t know, that might be a little too strong. Caldy’s hard to put any CC on in the first place. Up to a medium slow, he can still get away with Gravitic Burst. He also has his ult to use if he figures enemies will go for the stun/silence.

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(The Title Master) #80

Caldy doesn’t need a buff, is escape is already good enough!