Battleborn Hot Fix Notes (6/15/17)

(Natsume Ryu) #81

Based on how reynas cleanse procs, that means you dash the slowed distance before being cleansed. So you burn a skill to hope you dont get murdered immediately afterwards since you need to wait for the stabbing animation to complete before you can jump again.

I’m dubious such a change would be asolution. :frowning:

{{edit: gearbox, remember how you got rid of ghalts stun, because its not fun to sit helpless and die outside of your control? Thats me and caldy every match with a person who knows they have a slow and uses it against me; im by no means the best caldy player, but his double jump is what makes him fun imo.}}

@EdenSophia ill take all of the hp nerfs and damage nerfs now in exchange for double jumping again in six months. I’ve already avoided playing him the past six months. I can keep going. :slight_smile:

Im hopeful that this unspoken nerf was because caldy was outperforming in their stats. Hopefully none of his stats will change after this, showing it was the wrong thing to do, so maybe more change will come in the future.

Especially if any pve stats are considered. Since you dont really need to jump in pve ever, on any character.


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Deande disagrees. At least when I play her. :stuck_out_tongue:



This could just as well be pve.

And please, stop asking for what amount to nerfs in favor of a change cal frankly doesn’t need. His double jump was too powerful before, even though at the time I was loath to admit it, but he’s in a decent position now, balance-wise.


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #84

As much as I hate to say it (since Caldy is in my top 5), Caldy doesn’t truly need buffs right now. Unless a whole team is slow/CC heavy, he does pretty well. And CC heavy teams like that are part of a much larger issue with Battleborn’s PvP, the sheer amount of CC in the game.


(Natsume Ryu) #85

Like i said, id be happy to lose his damage or health to compensate for giving the jump back.

May i just take a moment to remind everyone caldarius’grenades can be shot out of the air, just like benedicts.

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #86

Caldi job is to be a bully who can constantly harass slow/big targets, if things goes south he can use 2 skills to escape even when slowed.

What u r asking is to make caldarius a melka, she is also a bully but she has 3 escape tools.



I definitely understand what you’re trying to say, but I’m suggesting that the trade you’ve advocated would still amount to a nerf, in practice. Atm he’s still just as effective as he’s always been at dodging skills and their accompanying slows, and his escapes are more viable than you seemed to imply in your first post.

If your dash won’t take you far enough to get to safety, or you’re not relying on your ult (or a combination of skills) to escape when too deep, then I’d suggest you were at fault for miscalculating; you’ve overextended to begin with, and being able to double jump wouldn’t rectify the positions you find yourself in. We’ve all been there, a disorganized enemy’s back-line is tantalizing as caldarius, but knowing his limits and managing your escapes is fundamental to playing him against organized opponents.

If cal were to trade some health or damage for the ability to double jump when slowed, I’d argue the net benefit is actually negative. Consider the amount of time in a game that you’re doing damage to either players or creeps, and then compare that amount of time to the time spent slowed, where an extra jump would be valuable. Even this simplified thought experiment helps convey that such a situationally useful ability couldn’t possibly make up for lower damage output, let alone a lower health total. What you’d trade in gained pug utility you would lose in cc-survivability and damage relevance in tighter, more demanding games.

Using boldur as a shining example, characters ultimately deserve to be balanced around what they’re capable of, and not around how they feel in the most common matches. You say yourself that you haven’t played him in the last six months; I think you may be pleasantly surprised if you try picking him back up. You may be happy to lose his damage or health, but that doesn’t mean everyone else would be. He deserves a closer look before claiming the sort of absolutes you do vis a vis his current efficacy.


(The Red Bar Observer) #88

Given the context here is Caldy losing an escape when slowed, it’s worth pointing out that Spike becomes ineffectual as an escape when Mell is slowed as well. She still spikes up, sure, but it’s about as much an “escape” as just jumping in place.


(Natsume Ryu) #89

I played him exclusively on supercharge launch day; until i got so frustrated from slows that i just decided to play isic instead. shrug and that was in a pug match. id never dream of picking him competitively now. nearly any character already is, or can spec into being his counter. its not worth the trouble.

I don’t doubt that people find a way to make him work, but im in the same boat as eden where she fell in love with the way the character played at launch, and the tweaks since them have been off putting because the character plays fundamentally differently. (im having more fun with mellka now, than caldarius, funny enough)

Furthermore, because there was no mention (that i have found) of the change in this patch, we dont know whether its a shadow nerf or a glitch that he can no longer double jump while slowed.

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Well I suspect you didn’t find it mentioned in the latest patch notes because they changed it back in October. If I recall correctly, they specified in that patch’s reveal stream that his ability to double jump while slowed was unintended to begin with, and they were more “rectifying an imbalance” than actually nerfing him. Truly, his playstyle hasn’t changed that much between then and now. He can’t be quite so greedy, but they also gave him a powerful lifesteal option so he’s even more effective against minion waves, and by adding a powerful flashbang cd helix at level nine they buffed his late game output significantly. Even without the double jump he’s a stronger character now than he was then.

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(Natsume Ryu) #91

In october they nerfed his double jump while slowed- it was unintended that his double jump, after level 5, was unaffected by slows from launch. In October they correctly nerfed his second jump so it was no longer in full effect, but he was still able to jump a second time while slowed. I agreed with this nerf, even though I disagreed with how any slow affected his second jump equally heavily.

As of this latest update, being slowed means you only have one jump.

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #92

But many slows last 3-5 seconds exept aoe like marquis or Reyna.

If u r at range middle range you can just walk backwards while they try to get at you… If it gets bad u flee with ur skill.

People need to chain slows to be effective vs caldi, if that happens you have a good ranged weapon and can stop miniom waves.

Is not like the slow stuns him… It just put him in everyone else lvl for few seconds lol.

If shaine is going to slow just jump around to make distance, if miko slows u laugh while u crit 24/7, if reyna priority target be scared, if marquis puts a buble laugh in that 1sec of delay it has and jump away, if montana use hail storm flee like a coward and let your team handel it, then come back and harass his tiny head.

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That is just flatly incorrect.


(Jennerit Supremacist) #94

There are a small handful of slows that don’t stop his double jump. Ghalt’s slow on his level 5 passive and hailstorm don’t stop his ability to double jump.



blaine we don’t speak of these things here

also i’ve never experienced ghalt not being able to do it, I’m not sure that one’s true

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(Natsume Ryu) #96

I’m streaming now, we’re going thru characters in alphabetical order; this was alani to start:

Caldarius can NOT double jump if she takes the slow on her wave.

ill be doing the testing here:

OK, we’re only halfway thru the cast, but Deandes L5 and Ghalt L5 do not inhibit Caldarius’ ability to double jump, all other slows have so far.

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #97

Thx for test it