Battleborn Hot Fixes: 6/29/17

Hey all,

We’ve pushed a couple hot fixes live today that we want to give you the details on. As with all adjustments we make, if you experience any issues, please let our support team know via Thanks!


  • Increased the skill and melee lifesteal granted by Rath’s passive, Genetic Syphon, from 10 to 12.5% and from 7.5 to 9.3%, respectively.

While our favorite Keeper of the Blade has earned his place as a fearsome damage dealer, he has proven to be more fragile than some of his counterparts. As such, we’d like to improve his ability to sustain himself in a fight. Additionally, his passive was relatively weak when compared to those of other Battleborn.

Our intent is to empower Rath to maintain a stronger presence on the battlefield by capitalizing on his formidable damaging abilities. Based on the data we’ve collected, we don’t think Rath is far off from being in a good position and is very close to our vision of him as an aggressive assassin and damage dealer. While these numbers don’t look like much of an adjustment, they represent a 25% increase to the lifesteal generated by his un-augmented Genetic Syphon. We believe this change will allow Rath to narrow the gap with his competition without making him an immortal vampiric monstrosity.


  • Increased the construction cost of MX.Elite Bot buildables in Meltdown and Incursion from 600 to 800 shards.

MX.Elite Bots are an integral part of Incursion and are even more vital in Meltdown. While MX.Elite Bots are intended to be important to each mode, their construction cost does not currently reflect that value. Therefore, we’ve increased the cost to require more of a commitment from teams or players that plan on building MX.Elite bots frequently.


Rath buff. Neat.


Wasn’t there something for the July 4th weekend, which is this weekend?

It was listed in the previous Battleplan that something for this coming long weekend was planned.

Unless I read wrong.

Tank Yankers is coming out tomorrow. Has its own map and stuff. Check out MentalMars’ vid.

Also, +1 for Rath buff and Elite Bot cost!


Hmm…this part will require a little adjusting when I play economic domination, but will make generous refund policy even more powerful

Thanks for the statements as well @JoeKGBX!


Those are straight from the team! :smiley:


I’m away from the city this weekend -obligations with community and so forth. So, yea, not going to be checking it out in time.

Understand this is just a hot fix, but would it be possible to give us an idea of what queue’s we will have available when Tank Yankers starts?

+1 for the boulder nerf. Oh… that didn’t come yet.

Hate to be a killjoy, both these things look good! I just wanna play boulder, but not in an OP state.

Yup! Tank Yankers will be starting tomorrow at 8am PT/11am ET and running until the same time on Wednesday :smiley:


Try an unarmed build. I made one a while back, I’ll try and link you to it.

However it has yet to see real action.

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No Shayne Fix yet??

I think they said that can’t be fixed in a hotfix. So you’ll have to wait.

You have a formed opinion on Rath’s buff yet @blainebrossart1?

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GOTCHA thanks!

New rotation for the Trial players?

I am no Blaine expert, and I have yet to meet one out in the wild, but I think it likey likey the buff.


I agree with these changes, because Rath sux… :smirk:

(To @blainebrossart1): :kissing_heart:

  • There’s a glitch when choosing a taunt that reverts it if you switch tabs to the preset one

  • Can you guys please look into making flare it’s own equippable thing? I’m getting a ton of flare gear that has a poor mixture of stats with a terrible negative status, We shouldn’t have to sacrifice stats for looks. would be awesome to just equip the flare you want without any penalties

  • Boldur in bot matches. He just stands there and runs, that is all he does. makes it feel like a 5 vs 4. Anyway you guys can look into improving bots? The difficulty bar on them is allover the place, You have BB like Boldur who are a free kill, then you have BB like whiskey or Montana that you better have cover or else they will crit you into Oblivion.

  • Increase Platinum rewarded or allow more daily quest.


That’s not something they can fix in a hotfix.