Battleborn Hot Fixes: 6/29/17

(Like the cereal...) #21

My favorite non-vampire now gets more life from drinking the blood of his enemies and now Fat Bots won’t be spammed nearly as much. This is a good Thursday. :smile:

(wisecarver) #22

…No offences intended but to see any of you admit this makes many of us smile. :acmaffirmative:

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(AkuTheWicked) #23

Yay Rath Buff, now revert one of Rath’s Ult nerf, either cooldown or damage and he will be golden.

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(PSN: Peanutfluffer) #24

Rath was fine so I’m happy to see any buff for him!

I’m assuming this hotfix is what was stopping me buying Elite bots (still said 600) mid game. I’ll admit it wound me up more than it should have.

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(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #25

Silly, he already has a golden skin!

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(AkuTheWicked) #26

Oh jeez silly me, of course he does XD.

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(The Red Bar Observer) #27

Bet you didn’t expect you’d see a buff before I did :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tryak74lol) #28

If you’re that dedicated to the character, you could at least spell his name correctly. :expressionless:

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(Wolkeelliot) #29

Or I could… not.

Actually, I’ve never actually payed attention to how his name is spelled.

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #30

Kleese has a pretty trashy passive that could use a rework. Pheobes passive is not passive at all. Wtf is up with the talents? Some talents are awesome and some don’t do a damn thing. Some moves/skills/abilities are completely unlisted anywhere! Beatrix penetrating shots while ADS, attikus quick melee while sprinting, Raths bonus damage to shields with his secondary. It’s no wonder this game is impossible to balance, there are maybe a handful of people who actually know what every character is capable of. I’ve been at this for over a year now and I’m still trying to figure it out.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #31

I get what you’re saying with your post, but Kleese has an awesome passive. He gains…

  • Increased jump height
  • The ability to extend his jumps
  • 150 shield capacity
  • And 15 shield capacity per level

With the added benefit of giving a way to balance his powerful taser as well. And I don’t get what you’re trying to say about Phoebe’s passive, it’s about as passive as Caldarius’, Benedict’s, Toby’s, etc… and I like it that way.

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(Too Many Games) #32

Why are passives that don’t do anything, like Phoebe or Caldarius, a good thing?

Why do you like them that way?

Why do you like it that it does nothing?

Because they could have just wrote “This girl is so beautiful that she wears technology as a fashion,” and it would be the exact same thing as the description right now -since it does nothing.

Why should some characters have passives that actually contribute to statistics and strategy while others don’t?

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(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #33

I think you mean “Talents”, which I agree, they should all do something. I even made a thread where I am slowly making them all do something. :acmaffirmative:

Passives and Talents are 2 different things in Battleborn.

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #34

Well I just got off work so I haven’t gotten to try him out yet. But this is actually a really nice buff for Rath that covers one of his biggest issues: his life steal before he gets to level 5.

Rath’s life steal is great once he get’s to level 5 but before that it’s an anemic self sustain. Rath is one of the very few characters where I feel more excited about getting his helix at level 5 rather than be excited about his ult unlocking for the rest of the game. This will improve his early game and make his level 5 helix choices even more flexible.

I’m happy.

I honestly thought that Rath had completely slipped under the devs’ balance radar for quite some time now. I think this and the stealth buff to TFA are the only attention he’s gotten since October. If anything I’m surprised he got a buff. He’s been considered the ideal first pick after the obvious “must ban” characters in draft.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #35

So @JoeKGBX and to everyone else, a little PSA:

This buff will carry over after his level 5 helixes, Not A Vampire and Skillful Syphoning, are taken. However, Swordsman’s Salve remains at the flat 30% bonus it was instead of being buffed to 31.8%

(Skeksis Syl) #36

Which helix do you usually take at 5? I have been having trouble feeling certain about which one I prefer

(Jennerit Supremacist) #37

Usually I take Swordsman’s Salve but all three helix choices are very viable. It’s a matter of personal preference and play style so experiment and see which one you like the most.

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #38

Pheobes passive is her alt fire (damage dash with a cooldown). It seems like the only reason they label it as a passive is so that you can augment it at level 5 like everyone else’s passive. This seems like a poor choice from my perspective and other BB have helix options that augment their alt fire/secondary attacks. Just not at level 5. I don’t care if the level 5 helix options effect alt fire or passive as long as the characters are balanced. They said that they changed Raths passive because [quote=“JoeKGBX, post:1, topic:1563299”]
his passive was relatively weak when compared to those of other Battleborn.

This makes it sound like they want everyone’s passive to be comparable to each other and I just wanted to point out how ridiculous that sounds after you actually take a look at what the passives actually do and what the talents do or don’t do and all the unlisted passives that are in place.

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(The Red Bar Observer) #39

[quote=“lemonheadjake, post:38, topic:1563299”]
they changed Raths passive because… this makes it sound like they want everyone’s passive to be comparable to each other and I just wanted to point out how ridiculous that sounds[/quote]

It helps not to read the official reasoning for these things. Remember, the changes to Mellla’s passive were described as a way to encourage her to melee, despite that the DPS reduction from the venom ended up being a nerf to her melee damage as well. Even successive bumps to the damage amp and her melee damage have still left her alt fire DPS miserably low. Only Claw Lunge is genuinely buffed, and that wasn’t even part of the original rationale.

In other words, if they have a philosophy of making passives relatively balanced, this is the first we’ve heard of it.

We just have to accept these hotfixes and hope our mains don’t draw the short straw :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I did just shoehorn Mellka back into the discussion. Did anyone notice


I recently picked up Rath and been having an absolute blast with him. I always thought his lifesteal needed buffed and glad they did!

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