Battleborn Hot Fixes: 6/29/17

That’s interesting. Does his legendary work with swordsman salve?

YES, maybe i have a chance of surviving as Rath this time :smiley:

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The movement aspect is what makes it a passive in my eyes. Just cause it’s tied to her alt’ instead of her jump doesn’t make it any less so. And you have to look at the character’s kit as a whole, to see the strength or weakness of the passive.

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I think you are focusing on the wrong aspect of my post but if you want to get technical alrighty. Pheobes true strike has its own activation key/button/trigger and if you push that then it activates and if you don’t push it it does nothing. That sounds like an active skill to me, not a passive one. A passive skill is something that is in effect all the time or modifies an existing skill but most importantly does not require activation. “What about caldarius or Toby?” You ask, well their passives just modify their existing ability to jump and do not have a different key mapped for a second jump.

What about fly boy?

U need to hold L2


Good point. When I was typing that I was thinking double jump not glide but glide is included in his “passive” so yes glide would qualify as active since you have direct control over it and are required to actively use it for it to have any effect. My bad.

I take it someone at GBX has been watching the league streams :stuck_out_tongue: Still think double economy will be enough to pump these out consistently!

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Balance, balance. To play only there is nobody


To be fair. It’s not exactly peak hours for a lot of places.

Even with a low playerbase it’s possible to catch a team eventually and stay with them in Bots.
Just had the best bots match ever as Toby:

But not everyone wants to play bots.


on ps4 our queue times have been good lately

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I can confirm this.

Now i dont have time to change my Loadouts btw matches.


Same with Xbox, I’ve getting matches pretty quick, even when the queue says it has a long wait time.


Better than the loading times for the game. Quite often I’m starting the next game before the game stats have finished.


Given that PC is struggling to even get a pulse, Bots Battle is the most likely to get a match going if you’re solo.

You can desire to play any mode, of course, it’s a free country, but don’t be surprised if you don’t find enough people to start anything.


Ugh, I hate that.

“Pull us out of the queue.”

“Gimme like a year or two for the stat page to load.”

Hashtag #NerfMellka

I think her lunge distance needs to be reduced. Tired of her getting away with no health.

I think you left this post here to lure me out and trap me.


Says the guy with the S-tier avatar, that has an even worse habit of escaping with no health.

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