Battleborn Hot Fixes: 6/29/17

(wisecarver) #81

I am very thankful they didn’t make Mellka move clunky like Beatrix or we’d never hear the end of it. :smile:

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #82

I don’t think Mellka’s alt-fire melee is as bad as it used to be. Still doesn’t make a melee build viable but it’s at least useful in CQC when you can hardly tell what’s going on

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(The Red Bar Observer) #83

L9 and a venomed target, you can actually do considerable damage with it… until you knock your victim back to safety and behold the tragic self-defeating grossness that is attack speed on melee Mellka.

(The First, and the Last.) #84

What did they even do to Mellka, exactly? I can’t tell myself, but she’s way worse to play than she was before.

Like, way worse.

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(The Red Bar Observer) #85

Ooh ooh I know I know this one!

It’s the venom nerfs, yo. Breaking it down:

At launch, venom did 24DPS over 8 seconds (192 damage).

In the first major patch, it was tweaked to be 36 DPS over 4 seconds (144 total damage.) Hard to say ultimately whether this was a nerf or a buff; it boosted her wave clear, but it made it harder for her to secure kills with venom.

Then the winter update absolutely ■■■■■■ Mellka by first lowering her venom damage to 12 DPS over 4 seconds, and then (week later) changing it to 6 DPS over 8 seconds (48 damage).

Gearbox never denied these were huge back-to-back nerfs, but they promised they were only in preparation for a major Mellka rework that would explain everything. Then the rework never came, and now the official word is that the balance team is done with Mell for now. So she remains SOL.

Caveat: they tried to make it better with some tiny buffs. 12% extra to her gun, 16% extra to her venom melee bonus damage, and a 30% increase to her base melee damage (took it to 126 DPS, which is less than many character’s quick melees FYI.) The only really meaningful boost was Claw Lunge getting a base damage increase to 208 (same as Spike), but this was long overdue anyway, because CL ■■■■■■■ sucks as an offensive attack.

But because Mell lost 83% of her venom DPS, these buffs go nowhere near making up the total damage output she’s lost from venom. She also still has the 18% health reduction she got at the first patch (when they buffed her venom) and the reduction to primary accuracy (from when she had venom), even though these nerfs are way less relevant now that she has no venom. I despair.

For perspective, Miko’s venom does 25 DPS and, over 8 seconds of sustained fire, will do 200 damage as opposed to Mell’s 48.

tldr Mell is a busted forgotten half-character fix please

(The First, and the Last.) #86

wtf, Who thought that was a good idea?

I don’t play much Mellka, but even I can tell that those changes just straight gutted her!

That sucks, like, really hard.

(wisecarver) #87

Really? You guys had to stir her up? :smile:

(The Red Bar Observer) #88

Hey, this time I got directly asked :wink:

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #89

Quick, get the tranquilizer!

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(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #90

Good luck, to get a tranq strong enough to put her down now you risk killing her…

(ClkwrkCuttlfish) #91

So what your saying is, dps miko ftw!?

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Judging by most Mikos I’ve seen, this is the most common build :frowning:

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(PSN:Santbech_2038) #93

Pandemic anyone?

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