Battleborn ideas (post your ideas please)

That’s a good idea, his rifts could be like archer towers

A gun that throws swords and that sword explode in 3 swords! -because Mr torgue said so

Shut up and take my money!! Thats what i want to get! Skins that change moddel, skills and sound effects. I want my money worth!

Those are always the best kind of skins

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I have been thinking in an eldric galth.

Armor made of wood and leather.
His hook changes to a vine whip
Traps changes to carnívorous plant
His shotgun changes to a repeating crossbow


Jenerit miko

A small sustained sister.

Instead of mushi head, Wears a ceremonial hat
Has 4 fingers and a gauntlet like ambra
His Spore bombs are changes to fire bombs
Biosynthesis green effect, changes into self inmolation.

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I’d like a second taunt, sounds stupid but I’d like to have some kind of “taunt loadout”, which could be equipped with up to two taunts each battleborn, I think the left-d-pad (ps4) is useless in pvp right?
I don’t usually taunt much, but when I do it’s most because I’ve killed someone who really annoyed me or after an challenging battle, I’d like a proper taunt for each situation, like reynas countdown for the annoying ones you know…

Use the unused D Pad or left side of the touchpad (or possibly somewhere in the Start menu with options, surrender, etc) a list of team commands you can send out to communicate certain requests / objectives to your team.

Attack, Defend, Thralls, push left, push right, etc.

@vrlalilulelo Expanding on your idea, emotes! “Thank you”, well done, etc

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ISIC haveing a literal hate furnace skin where he’s made of wood and his head is the furnace fire

Like calcifer from howl moving Castel?

I aprove!!


Could we have some aquatic skins?

Phoebe is a jellyfish
Isic head is a fish in a robot suit!
Ambra could be poseidon

Montana needs a Gumby outfit!

My brain hurts!


Thorn and Boldur as a Tolkien-Esque Elven Archer and Dwarven Warrior.

PAC Man or Kool Aid Man skins for Kelvin.

Ambra or Phoebe as Valkyries.

Angel Benedict?

A skin where Reyna has the rest of her cape

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Toby Transformer or MechWarrior skin.

Galilea Knight or Paladin Armour.

I approve Queen Reyna skin!

Orendi being the royal executioner