Battleborn Ideas that may bring back people

After playing Battleborn for well over 100+ hours. I can say that Battleborn is fun but not many people are playing it on the pc right now. Also I’m not saying that the game is dead or something like that I’m saying that the player count of this game is really low on the pc at this point of Battleborn’s history. I want this game to prosper and be enjoyable to play but i ran into some problems that really frustrated me inside of Battleborn but I’m going to focus on some ideas that I have created and expanded on to make people interested in the game once again.

  • One thing to implement into the game is an boss rush mode. This idea was given by Lftstafe from YouTube, click the link to go to his YouTube channel, but I would be adding to his idea. Instead of just having a option that allows you to face a boss with 3 waves of minions, I was more thinking of having a round based system like the arena, or the true arena, inside the Kirby series. Also the name of the boss rush mode would be called the Bad-Ass Arena and could have a leader-board to keep track on who many boss rounds that you defeated. “But wait,” you may ask, “would it get boring after defeating the same bosses over and over again with the same difficulty.” That I answer with that each round defeated the next one would be harder than the last one and with the same bosses can be easily fix with the addition of custom bosses inside that mode that gear box can create to go hunting for other cool legendary gears dropped from those bosses. I would not mind if the warrior, or a smaller version of the warrior, would be in this mode. Another thing that would be helpful inside this mode would be a prize pool and round completion rewards. The prize pool system would be like ranked competitive but counts how many rounds you completed without failing this would be shown with a leader-board that would last for 2 months before resetting and the top 100 people would earn prizes and the ones that participated would earn credits. Round completion rewards what the name implies it that completing a round will earn you rewards such as credits, maybe up to 1000, and gear pack, faction or rarity, but at round five the prize would be fix to be either a command faction pack or a epic gear pack. This pattern would continue to until round 25 where you would encounter a special boss that would have to defeat and after defeating that round you would receive an legendary gear pack. Also if i was on the gearbox team I would help with designing bosses and boss mechanics for this mode.

This was an idea from me to the Gearbox because I really don’t want this game to be forgotten. If anyone else have an idea to bring back people to Battleborn please share and this is not my only idea to bring back the people. I have other ideas that I would share but this is already big chunk of writing that I did and adding more to this would be more confusing.