BATTLEBORN! Im looking for xbox one team!

My gamer tag is medleylmt and batarangwayne07

Hey there. Got ya moved to the X1 co-op section in the Beta category.

Good luck!

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still looking for a team?

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I got some people but still looking add those gamer tags im on now but ill get back at you when i get home from work

You can add me

Gamertag: MAXXX Brutal

ya bruh ill be on later

Added you bud names Raabit

Hey so i’m going to add you guys on my Batarang account due to having to much friends but i’ll probably play on my other one so just keep that in mind i’m getting on now and will be on at about 1pm mid western time.

Yeah bruh, whats that tag?

are you still looking for more? If so add “OutsCORYng You”

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always ill add u bro

come may will you be on?

Yup, preordered it and everything. Although, the overwatch beta is the first week and then there is finals week and graduation the second week and I have to take my boards exam the 17th. It is a busy time for me lol. I should still be on some and i will definitely be on a lot the second half.