Battleborn include add on content for borderlands TPS and 2

Headhunter pack
New Legendaries
New Heads/Skins


Maybe it’s a request. I’d like to see a source too, if not.

@LivingItLazy, are you saying that there will be BL content associated with Battleborn, or that you want there to be?

Give us some more detail. Or at least more words, please.


So your request is; if you buy Battleborn you will get a loyalty reward in BL2 & BLTPS (BorderlandsHC)?

GBX has done the samething with Tales from the Borderlands. If you bought the season pass you would get a unique weapon set in the Pre-Sequel.

Montana’s mini gun could become a Vladof chaingun that shoots fire or ice.


thats not enuff to make me buy their new game, gotta sweetn it up alot more than that to sale me this new game of GBs

loyalty reward are cool. it’s fan service. but it isn’t something for me that i must go out and buy game x because then i get reward x.

i think the thread was started to see extra borderlands stuff if you bought battleborn. but what if got extra stuff in battleborn if you have a copy of Borderlands (1/2/tps/TotB)

+5000 shards
+Exclusive skin containing a Vault symbol
+A boost in your Command Rank

*This example is based of the loyalty reward of BLTPS

It’s not much, but gearbox doesnt have to do these things. but like i said it’s nice that they appreciate their fans.

I’m alright with loyalty rewards based on other BL titles (even TftBL), but I’d be pissed if BB was giving out BL stuff.

I’m totally cool with it if, like mental said, it gave you stuff in BB. I just don’t want a series I’m not even sure I’ll like giving out extra stuff in a series I know I like. What if I don’t like BB at all? Why should that bone me out of BL rewards? I’m under the impression that it shouldn’t.

i really do hope that this is not the case it is in gearboxes best interest to keep these games seperate

This is nuts.

If you don’t like Battleborn then don’t play it. There’s not such thing as getting “boned” on bonus content.

You can call me crazy all you want. There’s nothing wrong with wanting all the bonus content for a game series you like. If you’d like to pretend it’s not okay for me to have an opinion against a hypothetical situation you do that. I still wouldn’t like if they put bonus content for BL in BB, it must be all that mercury in my hat.



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Okay, back on topic. Again, talk about the game, not your opinion of each other, please.

I’m going to assume Lazy meant to say “Battleborn should include bonus content for Borderlands 2 & TPS.” or “Battleborn should include content like Borderlands 2 & TPS.” I’m fine with either, though I wish lazy would stop living up to their name and fix the title. :duketease: