Battleborn inventory operation timeout,please help

“Battleborn inventory operation timeout” - I was palying since launch with no errors and now this just popped out. I restarted my PC,verified integrity of game files on steam and did a reinstall- nothing works. Please fix it ASAP I really need my new favorite game to work in order to take off some post work stress ;/

Having same issue, two players at my address. Tried restarting machines, tried resetting router. No dice.

Is there a fix, or is gearbox scrambling to maintain the server?

Please look at the rest of the topics; 2 other threads with the same thing has already popped out before yours.

The last time this happened, a new patch was being applied. So please sit tight, and wait for that awesome beans Galilea and ISIC nerf.

It’s up, seems to have been a server side update
go play guys

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Getting the same issue on PS4. Very annoying. Also, the hotfix patch seems to of not made any difference to team balancing. Something Gearbox could of figured out with they’re techical test, closed beta and open beta. Ho hum

Yeah,I saw the topics,but one was supposedly resolved and the other was over a week ago so I made this just to be safe.
@nick checked it,it’s up :slight_smile: thanks! I’ll flag the thread for closing.