Battleborn inventory operation timeout

Hi all. On Xbox one and getting this error on the login screen. Anyone else having this issue?

PS4, got the issue as well

Same here on Xbox one

PC, same issue.

Before that I couldn’t connect to any game server, seems were are down.

PC user same dealio.

I was just coming in here to make the exact same post, I’m on ps4 can’t play the game due to this error.

It’s happening to me and my friend on Xbox right now, it kicked us both out we were already in game and now can’t log in, I think this is what it means when there servers go down, they went full potato mode

Never go full potatoe

Moved you over to Tech Support section.
If the issue is occuring today (as of May 3rd) a support ticket will not expedite it this is;



As of May 3rd, this is a Widespread issue and is currently being dealt with.

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same here it started when i finished a mission and it would not give me a pack i earned so i logged out and it kept giving me that problem so i restarted the game and same problem and wont let me in at all now

You shouldnt do that, its for everyone right now. useless to stress the costumer service with 5000 tickets.

Looks like a widespread issue, all platforms.

Maybe they’re jinking with the servers. Let’s see how it goes: I’m sure the server room is full of panicking, screaming IT staff right now.


Fitting sound snippet:

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Yeah…like that.

Hey @Miko_Only. Thanks for the heads up and the concern.

It does appear to be a larger issue at the moment, but at times, it is best to leave the help desk info up should anyone be reading this (either now or in the future having the same issue by way of a search).

It does help in the long term.

Yeah ive got the same issue not even got to play it yet ive been waiting for this game since its first trailer its devastating that i cant play

Hey guys, I just now Tryed logging in again, it worked, try it again


The patch is 1.0.1 I think they got fixed

I don’t know about a patch because my console hasn’t downloaded one yet but if you just keep trying, it should eventually log you in. This seems like typical Day One server problems so I believe they’ll have it ironed out soon enough!

A hot fix wolnt update the game at all