Battleborn is #4 in sales, May 2016 NPD

Just wanted to provide this link for your edification. It’s important to note that the NPD only looks at physical retailers which means people like me who bought the game digital aren’t counted; so there are more sales than NPD is even aware of.

Battleborn sales

P.S. PS4 master race, best-selling console for nearly every game :stuck_out_tongue:


Being behind Uncharted, Doom, and Overwatch isn’t so bad


Not bad. there may yet be hope

The only downside is that it ranked that high during the sale while the other games were sold for the full price. But still, fresh blood is good and the player base will hopefully rise even more once people get to know how great the game is :slight_smile:

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I’m surprised Uncharted took #1, I wouldn’t have called that. I need to get that game sometime, I just don’t have the time right now since I’m all playing is Battleborn!

Hopefully folks will ease up on the “game is dying” doom and gloom but I’m probably dreaming. People come to the internet to complain.


Ha! Let’s hope, indeed! What scares new people off from a game more than a chorus of Chicken Littles crying that the sky is falling? I am soooo sick of the doomsayers and whiners. This game is awesome in so many ways, and looks to just keep getting more and more so over time!


YAY! Thanks for sharing this! What do you want to bet this topic won’t get near the attention of that “other” one?

Woohoo! :slight_smile: Thanks for posting this, @jmorales20.

I know this is a public forum and while I respect that others have different viewpoints and know wecan just scroll on by negative threads, it doesn’t make them any less aggravating at times. I know the game isn’t perfect and there are still glaring issues that need to be addressed and fixed, but it’s still a fun and oddly endearing game.

It’s just a shame that people are so intent and sometimes eager to tear it down.


Maybe on pc.

On xbox and ps4, its alive. The console market is still the biggest market - and not even combined.

It is clear, that the pc faces bigger problems and therefore the biggest bloodletting. Cheaters and hackers, hardware problems, smaller community in general (maybe even split across multiple platforms), driver problems …

Playing on consoles might not look as beautiful as on highest end PCs (only a very small portion can afford) but it works.


Then go play some other game and quit trolling the message boards. Nothing helps kill a game faster than posts like yours.


You’ve spammed that message on 4 different threads. Please stop and continue that conversation on the one your own post was moved to.


…Really? Look at my Steam account, more than 500 hours, and my friends and I have been playing today since before the Sun came up. We just took a break so I could mix a jug of Kombucha and they could grab some samiches. :slight_smile:


You want to tell everybody how many players are active on it lol

As sad as it is, on PC Battleborn is actually… not healthy. It’s hit the 500~ average mark recently that I feared it would. (Steam charts et al.) Versus the 66k for TF2 right now.

I think that aside from the most steadfast fans (of which I am one), people are losing confidence. And I’ve stuck around a lot myself despite… Well, as I’ve put it, despite feeling like a second class citizen as a PvE player.

I wish it was doing more healthy.

I mean, I’m no fan of Overwatch. It’s internally inconsistent, it’s like that vapid person who reinvents themselves every two seconds because they don’t know who they are, and there’s all that sexism running rampant. I don’t know. Overwatch feels like a victory for pandering to the most popular things amongst gamers (war, prejudices, Pixar aesthetics, MILFs, waifus, et cetera).

I really wish Battleborn could have been all that. It would have been a victory for very much the opposite. For a game that’s so much more progressive and coherent.

I am disppointed about this, believe me. But I do feel that most of it is Gearbox’s own fault for chasing the eSports unicorn, at the expense of everything else.

I habe played both the battleborn and overwatch betas.

Tbh, I was very sceptical about battleborn - but I still brought it, because it is good. Really good.

Overwatch on the other hand, rubbed me the wrong way, the moment I played it. Both games are colourful but bb has this 80/90s cartoon-feeling - brings back good childhood feelings. It has character customization, items … stuff, that is useful.

Overwatch is only a dumbed down tf2 clone, that got rid of the things, that made tf2 fun.

This game just needs to convince the people who own it that it’s worth it. They just need to release something big in the middle of a games slump, then market it like crazy. People would see it then come back, and maybe stay. We just need 2K to market better than they’ve been. IMO that’s basically the biggest thing this game needs.

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If only things looked as rosy on PC… :frowning:

I’ll stick around no matter what though. :wink: