Battleborn is at the top of r/Gaming right now on Reddit!

Finally some of that good old word of mouth advertisement. Expect a Spike in layers.


I’m in r/gaming right now and there is nothing battleborn related.

The only battleborn thing I see on r/gaming is this image

Probably not the best thing to draw people to the game.

Right here. 2000 upvotes so far.

The game does need some positive reinforcement, I personally love it to death. The forums have been a cesspool of negativity lately and for any future buyers thst research Battleborn come to the forums and see a bunch of Debbie downers isn’t good for the health of the community.

It does have its issues and GBX are working on them and some of the problems should be addressed in the upcoming patch.

I’m super pumped about Alani and this double XP week is just the icing on the cake.
CR 100 here we come!

Everybody lets get a +1 for positivity eh?:+1: