Battleborn is cheap because 2K Steam Sale

Battleborn is really cheap because the 2K sale on Steam

so If you know people that would be interested in trying it.
Go, look for them Fly my pretties, Fly

And if they say “Im waiting so it become F2P”, tell them “F2P you will have to unlock every character, and grind and unlock campaign missions, or you can buy it now for cheap, get the “founder” status, and get all unlock for the future”


Finally purchased it (got the Digital Deluxe Edition). This comes with the Season Pass… does it include all the DLC? I see that’s on sale too.


Yes it does include everything!

it include all the operations, 5 keys to unlock all the 5 dlc characters.
it doesnt include the extra platinum skins tho

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Cool. It’s ranging between a week and a month download here at home, so I’m going to to nurse off the fiber optic line at work and download it in a few moments.

Something a little worry.
Is that 2K didnt put a single sign fo the game on the banner, or in the discounted games showing.

Dont know if they prefer not showing it because they prefer getting more of the game.
or they are thinking on not worrying anymore…