Battleborn is Currently Experiencing Server Issues

Hey everyone,

We received reports over the weekend that many of our users were experiencing server issues.

We’re currently investigating this issue, and will update this post with information as we have it.

In the meantime, it would be really helpful if those experiencing issues could submit tickets to That way, our support team can work with the devs in tracking the issue and finding a solution.

Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE: The server stability issue has been addressed and should be resolved. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues by submitting a support ticket using the above link. Our support team will be happy to assist you!


“Many” more like all.

Edited for correctness

Mere said ‘many’. Not ‘some’.

Please don’t misrepresent what people say. Thanks.

I’m sure gearbox are aware of the extent of the issue.


Oh my. Thanks @MereAtGBX, I was afraid that the support would be gone forever.



I need my random Twitch 10-man fix. Can’t have it if nobody can get into a game.

Good Luck, and Gracias for the update.

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Get out of my chat, fam :kissing_heart:

Where else will I be able to watch QUALITY content?

Salty 10-mans when?

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Serious issues in Ps4.

I wanted to just enjoy a few bots battles after work this past week of work and it takes forever to get a game due to getting booted back. It either times out and makes me revote on a new map or worse times out and kicks me back to the home screen. Took 3 hours to play 2 Meltdowns and an Incursion.

Also, it often keeps kicking me out if Private Story matches.

At least keep the servers up long enough to sale your overpriced skins ffs.

I was hoping the servers would be up for years to come but it looks like they too died with the patch.

Any word on fixing them? I would love to play whats left of the game…

Hi there,

We’re still working on a solution for these server issues. Rest assured, we have not abandoned the servers, and we hope to have them back in working order as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please submit a ticket to so we can properly track your issue!

Thank you!


Respectfully, If GB/2K are aware of the issues, will myself submitting a ticket help anything?

Also, glad to know server will be up a while longer.

Submitting a ticket will help the support team to understand what exactly people are experiencing, which could give them more insight into a solution. :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,

I’ve been told that server stability issue has been addressed. Please let us know if you continue to experience problems!


10 PVP-players thrown out of Incursion 10 minutes ago and now game won’t let any of us back in, citing the ole “you must have PSN”-reason …

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8 players D/C’d and kicked to main menu today most could not get back into battleborn. Servers are better than Sunday but still jacked up somehow

How does each patch always break something with this game?

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Hey all,

Just a reminder, please be sure to submit a ticket to if you’re still experiencing server issues. That’s the best way for the developers to track your issues and work toward the appropriate solution.


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