Battleborn is dead, long live Battleborn

I’m hoping here to combat some of the doom and gloom. Let’s consider a few things.

1 - The internet is where people come to complain. I know I’m guilty of this and I’m sure all of you can relate. I’ve had nights where I’m playing a game, it’s going badly, and eventually I get so frustrated I jump on the game’s forums and whine. I’ve done it, I’m sure I’m not alone. Point being, people who are having fun with the game, aren’t likely to come on the internet and talk about it. People who are upset, are. So we need to always remember that it’s likely a vocal minority we’re seeing on the forums/reddit.

2 - Honestly, this makes me think about Mechwarrior Online. A game I’m not sure how many of you have heard of. It came out “officially” in 2013 but was in open beta for a long time before that. I played it during that period and honestly, I was pretty disappointed. I was pretty active on the forums then and I was convinced the game was going to die. It was F2P but had a horrible monetization system IMO (I don’t think it’s improved at all but I haven’t checked in years), no good tutorials to help people who were unfamiliar with Mechwarrior games, only one game mode on a handful of maps (more game modes have since come out), a huge grind, it got very middling reviews (6s and 7s). I could go on all day. I eventually quit playing as I was not enjoying it and the forums were just getting toxic. Guess what? MWO is still here. It’s still alive, still releasing new content, people are still griping on the forums. I use that example to make the case that anyone saying Battleborn is dead/dying is being premature. If a game like Mechwarrior Online can survive still be kicking, then Battleborn can do just fine. It’s more well-known, made by a more prominent studio, and has console sales to back up the PC sales. It’s also a more fun game IMO.

So look, I don’t know the future. Maybe Battleborn will die, maybe it won’t. I don’t think it will but all this talk of it dying really isn’t productive. If you have some criticism/feedback, share it, but adding “and that’s why this game is dying” really doesn’t help matters at all.

If you’re someone on the fence about the game, just realize that what you see on the forums is a vocal minority of folks and don’t let them scare you away from the game. Steam offers refunds now and I’ve heard the game is on Redbox, so try it out for yourself before making up your mind based off some whiners on the internet.


Like what you said “OP” but You forgot one thing , that mechwarrior game IS a free to play. this game is not , so getting harder and harder to find players and groups. to play with.

So the death getting harder and harder find people to play with.

It sucks since this game got so much much more to do then overwatch arena base online ABO and other mmobao’s , but i feel , can they afford the time and money and resources for this game ?

Maybe they can save battleborne and put in the free to play elements and get millions to start playing it , with the rotations and caps for battleborne hope they do something get players to understand this game. and all those that paid for full prices on stuff we get like the founders packs or they can call it what ever, and make this game free to play , because competion brings in tons more players and they might get hook on it .

Biggest thing is all successful mmoboa have been free to play , That the reason they made billions, because it take time to learn and master and stuff,

Many of the threads are created by players who actually love the game, myself included, with valid concerns about the game. Many of us made these posts with the hope that the developers make changes for the better so that the game does not fail. The fact that there are so many “doom and gloom” posts should tell you that the game is not in good shape.

Not really because like I said, the forums tend to be a gathering place for negativity. Heck, I’m sure if I went through my own post history on the forums most of my posts are complaints. About Miko, about Alani, about backdooring, I’ve complained quite a lot on these forums. I’m still loving the game though and having fun with it.

And like I said in the OP, we should offer valid criticism and feedback. It’s simply all this “the game is dying” nonsense that I would like to see stop.

PC wise the game is dying and it is hardly nonsense to declare that. Look the peak concurrent player count is 1.1k currently there are 749 players.

Yes, but that doesn’t mean that the players who are in-game aren’t have a terribly fun time… I’m not saying that numbers of players aren’t significant, but it’s not the only way to measure a game’s life. Player numbers affect matchmaking to an extent but games are being played. And enjoyed.

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You must have realised when you made this thread that people would come here to say they think the game is dying.

Theres already enough threads with people debating whether the games dead or alive, if microtransactions are good or bad, if fixes are or arent happening. Don’t see the need for another

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Thank you perfect sentiment the “vocal minority” takes the time to explain there issues they will provide feedback, explanation, and ultimately play the game. It’s only negativity I’d you aren’t trying to provide constructive feedback the ones who complain typically don’t do it to upset others they do it for love of the game and a vision of what it could be.

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As a pc gamer, I check this stat every morning and night during est hours. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve watched this go from close to 2000 peak and 1500ish online to 1500 peak and about 1000 online to around where your numbers are at now.

It is a very disturbing trend which translates to PC Battleborn is not dead. PC Battleborn though is not in a good place. PC Battleborn is hemorrhaging and there are no bandages in sight right now. I do not want PC Battleborn to bleed out. :frowning:

It’s dying on PS4 as well. The last few days it has taken 15 to 20 minutes to get into even the most popular modes.

Same on Xbox, This week specially I been able to take care of other things while I wait for a match. used to que up in 2-3 mins, Past 2 nights it’s been around 10-25 mins at times.

Strange, we still have maximum of 4-5minutes waitingtimes for games. Could be a timezone-thing of course and us being lucky, who knows^^

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I’m mostly here to thank @jmorales20 for writing something positive, so thanks. :slight_smile:

Just a quick anecdote.

People were saying that Destiny (a game with a lot of problems, and a…difficult community) from about week five. There were (probably still are) at least 5-10 threads a day claiming some game or another had/will kill it (I’m looking at you Division).

The funny thing is, it didn’t die. It still has tons of issues, but I suspect it will be alive for a long time to come.

Personally, I think PC Battleborn has some really significant issues. There simply aren’t enough players there right now, and I think a lot of the problems we’re hearing come from that side of the fence. There are tons of reasons for this, some in GBXs control and others that aren’t.

Console Battleborn isn’t perfect either, but my wait times (Eastern USA) are rarely over 5 minutes, and sometimes far less (generally leaving and re-entering the queue fixes wait times for me).

Games are resilient, especially games with such a rabid fan base, I suspect that despite the population saying that BB is dead, it still has way more life left in it than we might suspect.

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is this on xbox or PC or…? If it’s PC I need to get on, I gave up on finding games earlier this morning after about an hour.

i get match in less then 1 min and i play every night for about 2 hours,game is doing great on xbox bruh!

Yup, lucky indeed, in France we have about 5-6 minutes at least for normal pve and minimun 15 min for meltdown.

1,131 playing 36 min ago
1,131 24-hour peak
12,070 all-time peak

…There’s always an [Overwatch - Buy Now] ad under those numbers.

On the PC’s side, the number are really bad.

Hm, I haven’t had much trouble myself, done both story and Incursion.

Today I played a little (tho I’m still with much time diving into FFXIV) and even when I didn’t have problem getting a group, I noticed the matchs took a lot to pop up and fill both parties. I play on pc, euro zone, so I don’t know but…

I hope is just temporal and not people dropping from the game. I mean, there are a lot of betas and releases now or soon, maybe is that.

I want to be optimistic :stuck_out_tongue: