Battleborn is Dead

on PC BB is over…500 curent players…thats the amount of a singleplayer game without multiplayer on average over years…

if there werent the ps4 version all updates not made by jet wouldnt even come out they would just stop spending money onto this

everybody with a brain from developers knew that pc is just getting a little chance by the f2p model but of course this will come only if the investors can squeeze out enough money

battleborn died cause of rich ass ■■■■■ who only cared about money and not the game…well and bad advertisement

gg…game over

personally i think its sad really loved the game but as now waiting time for a match is 3hours so its unplayable and i dont care about my 80 bucks…played 80hours so thats ok with me…

i dont care aswell when it goes f2p and others dont pay cause i dont get more money if others dont pay or pay so why should i care …(and many seem to do)

i would still buy a borderlands 3 or a battleborn 2 simply the game is good the developers of the game a good people who brought something awesome…but i can imagine how all those idiots making the decisions not listening to there people…not carrying about anything than money

soo see yaa

It’s too bad about the PC version. I’m so addicted to this game. I bought this on the PS4 but I was really close to getting the PC version instead. Glad I didn’t.

buy an Xbox or PS4. I get games in seconds.

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