Battleborn is fun! BUT

Where are all the people?
I just bought the deluxe version of the game and start slowly to realize how deep this game will be in PVP
I only just played against Bots but even there i need to wait 10-20 Minutes for a single Match, this is a little sad…
Why dont you make the game a f2p with a ingame comsetic Store or something?

Paladins had a enormouse increase in players since it gone f2p live on steam :-/


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I wonder how many minutes from now will this forum be forcibly closed?

5 minutes? 10 minutes? Hard to say.

The player base on PC has always struggled. I’m not sure if going free to play would help but I personally think the best thing for PC is crossplay with PS4. But that will need to happen sooner rather than later.


You mean this thread?

Cant we discuss the future of this game here?

@123weristdabei Yeah, but this thread "Is a copy of a pre existing thread, please post {Insert topic link here.}.

Anyway, my two cents on this topic: Join the Battleborn Discord, and ask around for anyone to group up with.
Once you start a match (Or join discord), IMMEADIATLY friend all people you are playing with. It makes getting premades easier, and if you are lucky, you might be able to join the 5v5 Private matches that certain groups do. I hear they are fun.

Also, Do you have a mic? It makes this game Infinatly easier, and getting friends easier too.


Sorry, I’m just pointing out that the moderators close threads like these almost immediately. I don’t much care for the censorship myself.


I always add the people i play with, this seems to work pretty good :slight_smile:
Thanks for the Discord Tip, maybe i will join.

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Oh, okay.
In the Blizzard forum i think you cant say “Blue” or “moderator” or something because that goes against the ARG

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