Battleborn is not the worst game ever made and other opinions that don't paint a negative picture of a fun game

Since we are allowed to post our opinions in this forum, yet our opinions of other people’s posts are discouraged, I thought I’d make a thread for all those who are getting tired of the repetitiveness of negative themed threads on this forum. Please, do not directly quote from negative posts, paraphrasing is fine.

I’ll start:

  1. Number threads are completely unoriginal. Why not just make one thread to discuss/rant about how many people are actively playing at any given time? One per platform would even be less tedious than seeing a new one every other day. Yes, it does affect me to come here and see nearly identical thread titles with only the numbers changed. While I don’t have to post in them, I can’t know until I read the title.
  2. Battleborn is dead/dying threads are old hat, too. Can’t a person just find yesterday’s thread and rant there instead of making another one?
  3. Threads in which any dissenting positive opinion is dismissed as damage control, cheerleading, or rationalizing. Actually, some folks are capable of more patience than others and have the ability to enjoy Battleborn in SPITE of it’s issues. Just because some of us are still having fun, doesn’t make us ignorant, gullible, or giggling fanboys.
  4. Threads about STEAM UPDATE TUESDAY. Every Tuesday, someone comes on here b*tching at GBX because Steam has dropped them. Come on, let’s just revive last Tuesday’s thread each week, since there is always someone who will think GBX is the boss of Steam.
  5. Threads about SHiFT. Okay, it’s broken, we got it. GBX has been working on it. There are existing work-arounds. It is a method of distributing GIFTS. If I handed someone a present, but my arm was in a cast and they had the audacity to complain because the delivery system was flawed, I would NEVER give them another present . . . EVER. To quote ISIC: “OMG Geoff, whatever!”
  6. Threads which degenerate into re-hashed arguments about things which have nothing to do with the thread topic.

This thread is not a slam against the moderators. They do the best they can, splitting, merging, and closing within the rules.
This thread is NOT implying people shouldn’t be allowed to rant or express their opinions, negative or positive.
What I’m saying here is that the community of forum posters could probably put a little bit more effort into reading what has already been said and posting in existing threads that are relevant to their concerns.
It would also be nice if posters kept in mind their thread titles actually DO bring others down. Some of us are bored to tears with the redundant rants and the negativity is discouraging.


This thread propagates the very thing it claims to oppose.

If you want to discourage negative threads, don’t reply to them. If you want to promote positive threads, create / respond to those.

You can’t control why people come to the forums sadly. You can however, control what you do.


I am simply stating an opinion of the nature of repetitive forum threads. I’m not seeing how mine is repetitive, simply by pointing out that others are.

EDIT: I also don’t see how I’m trying to control anyone by expressing my opinion.

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@elaura, thank you. Something that we don’t do enough of is focus on things we like or are happy amount BB.

I love this game. I have over 500 hours in. I want to see it last for years.

I get so frustrated with all of the negative posts demanding NERFs to every character. Heck, I even saw one calling a Toby NERF.

I hope we can find a way to be more positive in the future.


Wow 500 hours.isnt the game still like 2 months old?

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Oh I thought this was going to be a positive topic by the title, but the contents have completely confused me…

Is it meant to be as negative as it reads (complaining about complaining), or just a reflection of the negativity that’s on the forum (encouraging us to be more positive)?

Sorry if I’m totally lost, but I am, haha…
I think it’s the later, right? Encouraging us to be more positive?
(I don’t mean any of this negatively either!)

I’ve also seen threads just like this one being written in the past however, ‘talk positively about the game, not each other’ type things, especially in the early weeks of launch… We all want to talk up something we love!

But it can also be a matter of perspective for some…
Are we talking negatively because we don’t like the game?
Or seemingly talking negatively because we want to improve the game?
It’s kind of both though… Some helpful, some far from it.

I do also wish members of the forum would be more concious of their forum use too… But we are all here as we want to be heard, some of us as a whole, some individually unfortunately.

We all know, or have known, or will know haha… That person whom doesn’t like tomatoes for example.
They will tell you once and you hope that’s the last of it.
But no, they tell you every time a tomato is anywhere in their versinity.
Either because they feel unheard, or are desperate for attention.
But we have the choice, reassure them you already know, even each and every time, or learn to smile and nod and simply ignore it because, we have all heard it before (tune it out)…
We need more of the smiling and nodding, in hope these posters just ‘disappear’ as other constructive threads get bumped above them, haha.

I also wish some people would actually read, and re-read their topics/comments before positing…
Because when it’s a good idea at first thought (often venting), it’s not always the case upon second or third thought…

I often may write ‘venting’ posts, but I ask myself the following before hitting submit: is it constructive? Will it hurt anyone’s feelings? Will it convey a negative nature? And importantly, how will it reflect upon me personally?

If any of those questions above, can’t be answered positively, I scrap it… Because simply typing out my thoughts, gets it out of my head… One doesn’t always need the reassurance of others to agree or disagree with them for it to still be constructive in personal nature.

Personal responsibility can go a long way.

And when all else fails… There’s search, haha… But that’s probably too hopeful for some, as we all like to think every thought is original these days (it’s not).

Also topics can get out of hand from the original post, because some just have a lot going on within them… So upon seeing what it’s about (topic), people often don’t go to the top and read the original post, they are bumped to the bottom, and just reply to the last reply, or one that they took too personally (I’m guilty of this too). Easy to get out of hand, sadly.

I hope we can all find our own niche when it comes to the forum…
Titles may be misleading sometimes, but with the click of a button to enter, we can click a button to leave too.

Bump up the topics that matter… And fade out the ones that don’t… It might not stop them (but it doesn’t seem like anything will)… But we will know what’s more relevant and what’s not, hopefully, haha.

Thanks for giving me something to think/talk about… All in all, I agree with you (I think?) :slight_smile:


I didn’t mean for the topic title to be misleading, the part of your post I quoted is actually the real point of this thread. A conversation starter, as it were.



Suffice it to say, that my situation is medically complicated.
I have a lot of free time on my hands suddenly.
However, in the spirit of pics or shins.



Sorry to hear that. We hope your recovery is swift.

Whoa. I thought I played a lot…