Battleborn is on sale... again? (6/23)

Second time in two months after launch?
Just gonna leave this here for y’all:!/en-us/2k-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-2KPUBSALE

It is 50% off on Steam.

Its a publisher sale. The PSstore does this all the time…first time I’ve seen a 2k one though its usually ubisoft or naughty dog. Its not like they put this game and only this game on sale every 2k game is on there

Everything 2k published is on sale on PSN.

Handsome collection 24bucks FTW!

That seems like they actually listened to the pc playerbase and had a steam sale…we asked for and they gave it to us

How much is that really going help though? A decent number of people own the game, they just don’t play it.

Game ownership on Steam has also dropped over the last 4 days.

Battleborn SteamDB

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I dont know. There’s been a bunch a people on PC asking for a steam sale so that’s what they did. I’m on ps4 n the game seems to be doing fine on there

Don’t know about playstation, but for steam, you peoples realize that lots of the big games that came out those last 6 months ARE on steam sales with the summer sales right? Almost all my wishlist is on 50%-85% off right now.

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Well we asked for a steam sale but…it is the steam summer sale XD if it wasn’t on sale it would be akin to suicide.