Battleborn Lag and Errors Fix!?

Since the official release I was really excited to try this game out and I chose this over overwatch. However I am kind of regretting over my choice. Can someone please suggest a way to fix constant Battleborn Lag?

I found these articles useful but still how sure should I be before I implement any of the mentioned steps in these articles? - Internet Connectivity issues - FPS errors

I had connectivity issues as well, mostly random spikes followed by disconnection. I figured out that I should switch to using a wired connection, rather than using a WiFi-connection. It lower down the disconnection rate, but I still get spikes which is really really annoying :frowning: . So did you try the guide you posted? Did it work? Please let me know if this software works.

FPS is bad. Some guru told about u need Top nvidia gpu card =) lol

Its a fun game to play, try it. Its not bad :slight_smile:

Game is realy cool , and much more better than Overwatch for me. But FPS lags =(

Why are you having lag issue?

I read the article and tried the solutions. It seems my internet had issues and using Kill Ping solved the problem. I was lucky enough to avail a deal that Kill Ping was offering. If any one else wants to check it out here is the link.

I’m have FPS issues, Like Slowmotion in some places and when in fight =(

I think you would need more RAM or GPU. I added a simple 4GB RAM stick,recently. It helped a lot.

16 Gb ram ddr3 Hyper X
GeForce 660 GTX 2 GB Ram

Think this is much more than need for this game/

True. Try to check your ping as well. You have more than sufficient specs. I think you might also have lag issue. Are you using a wired connection or WiFi ?

Wired , 40 - 100 mbit …

Try lowering settings like FOV and shadow quality. See how it goes?

Just to make sure, this isn’t a thread about the desyncing issue, right? When you get the little yellow triangle?

That just started like … with the Alani patch.

Its about lag due to internet service.

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Thanks, I’ll just be on my way then.

:door: :walking:

I play on all minimum and all turn off, and still lagging. No viruses, install windows 10, 2 weeks ago on new HDD, clear OS.

Try stuff in the articles the guy has given above. It is quite detailed. Send a mail to support. Its sad that one spends money on product and it does not work. :frowning:

I’m like this game and have pink dream about some day will be released patch with fps optimization and i can realy recive much more fun from this game… and nobody can return me money i’m play around 30 hours… This is realy joke becouse i’m play in battlefield 4 , with out of laggs =(

ummm I feel like win 10 might be an issue. I am running on a fx6300-16gig- 280x with Win7 . Had issues but were solvable :confused: . You are sure you don’t have some sort of spike ? because from what you say about ‘Slowmotion’ i feel its either a framedrop or a net lag.