Battleborn LFG Discord and Steam group for PC players

Hello Everyone!

I recognised that there are a lot of great Battleborn discord for all platform, but still the Steam player numbers are really low.
We are trying to do something aganist it!

I am happy to announce that we reshaped our Discord server in order to please all the remaining BB fans who wants to find matches nowdays on Steam.

If you are on Steam, but not a member yet, don’t hesitate, join the Discord server, choose your roles and notification, and save Solus!

We are still just a growing community, but with enthusiasm and patience we can forge a great community!

What are you waiting for? Start the necromancing now:

Are you interested what kind of changes did we made?


  • We are adding a suggestion channel so that your suggestions can be noticed anonymously.

  • We have also added new roles for everyone who would like to customize their profile on this server. We will continue to do everything we can do make this server into a welcoming and open experience for all users.

  • We have updated the role notification system, no longer will specific roles be used to ping others for group sessions. We a single the LFG group instead.

  • New levels for server activity have been added. To achieve level roles, the user must be active in the text channels.

  • Event roles will be given for those who win in our events in 5v5 PvP.

  • Music channels have been added for those who wish to share their music.

  • New channels for Self promotion, Videos and Memes.

  • A Hall of Fame and private Circle of Champions channel for our future PvP championship winners.

  • And much more you can find out for yourself.

We trying to create a fun and versatile server for active Battleborn players.

If you love to play the game and don’t mind to be a member of a growing community, feel free to join us anytime (the link will not expire).

Hope to see you on the battlefield soon!


Revive Battleborn

PS.: You may also want to check out our Steam group ( ), our Steam LFG chat ( ) and our Community Survey ( )

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