Battleborn Livestreams with StealthShampoo!

Hey guys,

Quick intro, I’m Nicky from StealthShampoo, Battleborn’s lead caster. You guys may have met me shoutcasting at Playstation Experience, Dreamhack, or generally wandering around gaming conventions. I’ve also been the host of the Battleborn Let’s Plays on the BattlebornGame YouTube channel, and I made the Incursion World Premiere video earlier this week. I’m really happy that it’s been well received.

That being said, I’ve been given a Gearbox copy of the game with that mode with all 25 characters, and I’ll be livestreaming it almost daily until the Open Beta and launch of the game on May 3rd.

To be clear, this is NOT the Open Beta. I have a private copy of the game from Gearbox.

As of right now, I am only allowed to show off Incursion, but as we get closer to launch I’ll be authorized to show you more content.

I’ll be on usually around nighttime PST on, and you can find me @StealthShampoo announcing my start times each night.

To help maintain my sanity, I’ve written up an FAQ regarding my copy of the game, the Open Beta, and a few other things.

Having played all 25 characters multiple times, if you drop by my chat I’m happy to take a few requests and break down your favorite character for you.

If you’re not already convinced why you should be watching, check out this highlight.



Watching as we speak. :wink:

same here, although i need to sleep

Same here. I was also going to watch someone else’s stream after Stealth finished, but he’s not finishing! :confounded:

Couldn’t watch the whole stream (A bit late here, had to leave during the break) but i’ll still watch it when i can.

I’ve seen your Let’s Plays with DB, but I had no idea until I visited your Twitch channel how AWESOME your hair is! Man after my own heart.

Stream is back up for those who missed it yesterday.

Not sure that will help me while i work, but i’ll watch, hah. Thanks for the heads-up.

Thanks for doing the stream. Got my roommate to sit and watch it for a round and now he’s pumped for the game rather than being passive about it.

Glad you guys have been enjoying the streams!

I’m currently the only one with a copy and I’ve been playing against bots for the past 3 days. That being said, around this weekend/next week we have a special stream planned, featuring a lot less bots and a lot more cool people.

Unfortunately I’ll miss it but I’m sure it’ll be fun!