Battleborn loading screen split screen xbox connection

Having problem connecting to the game tonight to play online with friends, keeps kicking the host back to the loading screen with message unable to connect to xbox live. Seems to be problem when we go split screen as well. Any issues with the game tonight or recently. Thanks

Same here on Xbox1. 2 ingame friends and I are constantly getting disconnected in match and during matchmaking at the same time.

I got dropped like 6 times on Xbox Live at about 1615 MST, tried to stick it out for the XP but that last two disconnects were about 45 seconds apart :confused:

XBox-live service has been wonky as hell since last Friday. Was´nt able to play or do anything online until today.
It´s still bugging, yesterday I could´nt even log in to my XB-account. Today I could play, but only Solo, in open queue I had one disconnect after another…
Messages and invites are buggy too.

On many websites people are complaining about all kind of errors, it seems to be a major issue on Microsofts end.

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Can confirm, Live done broke. It’s doing that weird thing where it tells me I can’t connect, but I still have friendsists and stuff.

Guess one of their hamsters died or something.