Battleborn Lore Helper released!

Scott V. (Lead Programmer for Battleborn) has made in his own spare time the Battleborn Lore Helper which helps you identify which character(s) with tricky lore challenge requirements you should consider playing.


Sorry to ninja you like this @sssmg but I wanted to share this with everyone here ASAP.


Pretty cool.

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If i ever get stuck on lore ill definitely have to check this out.

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Thanks for the plug @Kaleidodemon. Also, I have two Gearbox forum accounts because…reasons…? ha


Because one is never enough. :sunglasses:

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Query: Is it possible you could expand on this? You select a character, and then the site gives suggestions on how to best complete that challenge as painless as possible (optimal maps, teammate selection, gear, so on). It could be a community effort and everyone benefits (maybe). :slight_smile:

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So as opposed to checking off the current situation as you find yourself in to find the characters that you can work on lore for, you want a reverse lookup that allows you to select a character and then figure out which situations would be best for them to find lore in?

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That’s more or less what I said on the Twitter post :sunglasses:

I believe this was a little coding project @scottv was using to experiment with new web technologies, which is not unlike what the majority of what I have been doing on my website for the past 6 months (I’ve been wanting to learn how to get good with Angular and writing my own APIs etc). :heart:

The thing about such projects is that their scope often isn’t very big because the goal is to make something that demonstrates an understanding of the tools and technology you used to build it. Now that that has been accomplished though, the next step would probably be adding the extra polish and refining the user experience (that’s where you guys come in ;)).

Btw, I am actually really happy to see this type of thing because web development tends to cop a fair bit of slack in the programming community and my impression is that it is often overlooked in game development (ie you’d just get marketing to make your website), despite the potential it has to engage your fans (just look at all the cool things you can do with Destiny on the website).

But for the Lead Programmer on Battleborn to even be tinkering with web technologies! :heart:

Btw guys, if you happened to want to learn more about what was involved in the creation of this cool little app, I would kindly like to direct you to the page footer. You will see he’s listed a bunch of technologies that were used in order to take the lore information and turn it into an interactive experience.

Node.js is Javascript on the server-side. Instead of being a part of the frontend user experience, it is used as the base language to serve your content allowing anyone with a good understanding of Javascript to be able to code server-side (normally you’d use something like PHP or C#).

NPM is an online library of third-party modules for Node.js.

React is a Javascript Library made for building smart/responsive front-end user interfaces that takes care of a lot of aspects of web applications that you would typically have to write from scratch. Angular (which is what I use) is similar but does things a little differently.

Heroku is a hosting platform that enables you to host small applications written in various languages (including Node.js) over the Internet, and depending on the size and scale, can even be done with a free account.

Fun fact, Magnus “lowlibot” is a Heroku app written in Node.js :wink:

The point I’m trying to make is, if you have an interest in making something like this and have some programming experience (or an interest in learning it), it is actually very easy (and generally free) to get something up online. :sunglasses:


I’ll look into supporting the use case you guys are talking about where you want to focus on a specific character.

Though I think it would be incredible, I likely don’t have the time to build a site like Battleborn Forum where suggestions about gear and strategies would be included as well. Maybe later as it would be a fun challenge as @lowlines points out.

Excellent perspective @lowlines. This project actually started for selfish reasons, I’m working towards getting my platinum trophy on the PS4 and needed help making selections as I tend to let players vote and lock-in characters first.

I am interested in web technologies as they are very powerful and actually very much respected here at GBX. There’s quite a bit of crossover in terms of the problems all programmers solve and actually the way that Facebook built React has spurred quite a few ideas in my head that I believe we can apply to our game engine!

I’m still touching base with the Shift team periodically about releasing some public stat APIs because you’re right, there is tremendous potential for Battleborn’s community if they were made available.

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Not only that but once the ground work has been done, it could also be ported to other games that use SHiFT.

Imagine if when Borderlands 3 drops (or even as early as an Open Beta), there’s already a fan-made loot manager available on your phone or through a web app?

I’m very much still a newbie when it comes to processing game stats, but some of the stuff I’ve seen people do for other games like Destiny is really quite impressive!