Battleborn lore

So I’m trying to do the Kelvin lore Micro Macro Mist Me, and someone told me it has to be done in pvp, pve won’t count.
PLEASE tell me this isn’t true as I’m terrible at pvp! I’m 6% away from my first platinum trophy ever and Kelvin is the only thing stopping me from getting it!

It has to be done against enemy Battleborn (I’m pretty sure Bots Battle still doesn’t count), though since private matches count for that stuff now you should be able to just round up some friends to help you with that. (At least, I’m assuming as such, please someone correct me if I’m wrong.)

That said, it’s actually really easy to do in PvP, as long as you’ve gotten some Bots Battle practice in and at least know what you’re doing. You don’t have to win matches (though obviously you should), but as long as you go after choke points and follow advice in this thread, you should be fine.