Battleborn Marketplace Update

Hey guys,

We have some exciting news to share with you all. Tomorrow, we will begin rolling a new update to Battleborn that will expand the in-game Marketplace and introduces Battlenborn’s new premium currency, Platinum! Platinum allows you to purchase brand new skins and taunts for your heroes. The first wave of cosmetic add-ons includes skins for all 26 heroes and taunts for Ghalt, Oscar Mike, Benedict, Shayne & Aurox, El Dragon, Whiskey Foxtrot, Kleese, and Alani, with more to come in future updates.

We have a blog post going up on that I will link back to here as soon as it’s up that will have all the details for you and answer any questions you might have. (Update: Here it is!)

In the meantime, we want to hear from you all. What are some things you might like to see in the Marketplace in the future? That’s up to you! In addition to awesome skins and taunts, we’re also exploring convenient ways players can add bank spaces or loadouts, or boost their XP and credit earnings that do not affect actual gameplay. We don’t have a timeframe yet, but we are interested in your feedback!


I don’t like this. Even if it is for taunts and skins.
You should reconsider this to be honest.

And I want some honestity guys: this was a GBX or a 2K decision?


Let me get this straight, so for now at least, Platinum credits are only for skins and taunts ?


And will those skins be available to non-premium buyers or will SP/DD buyers be shafted on them ?


Looks nice but : How do we earn those new Platinium Credits, by playing and/or with real money or is there 2 ways to pay with Coins or with PLatinium?

Can’t wait to be able to buy new loadouts… i would like to play random character, but i can’t as there are only 9 loadouts.


I rather see new maps and new playlists not new skins


Ok, setting aside that most people want fixes to current problems and not new skins
and CERTAINLY not more ways to give you guys money… well you know what let’s talk about that first.

i already gave you $75 in good faith with preorder of deluxe.
i was shoved aside by customer support saying to wait for them, well its been 5 weeks…

You are NOT getting more money from me until you fix this game.
You already screwed me by the price slashes.

in terms of something i want in store?
Tired of non-max stat drops.
Total Nonsense.
RNG on top of RNG.
Give me a way to fix my broken legendary items.
Let me pay a dollar or w/e to get my gear up to WHERE IT SHOULD BE.
or you know, dont put this in store and just fix my drops to where they should be.

This post about putting in a store is appalling, coming hot off the heels of tons of talk about existing issues.

I got a bug today where Sentinel was Perma-Invincible, This bug has been known about since 1st day of release, about 6 weeks ago, still no fix??? i got screwed out of a drop and i had to purposely fail the mission to get out.
In the words of Nova:


Please, please, please don’t pull a Destiny. My fragile consumer psyche couldn’t handle another blow.

Edit: We should reserve all judgement until we’ve read the blog post!


Second this. This is making me want to leave the game.


And to make it worse,

No Orendi taunt.

/little joke to lighten the mood


If this is to be purchasable with real money it’s beyond worrying.
It seems like you’ve taken the one thing you know the player base is crying out for and charging for it because the game sold lower than expected.
What about those of us that have been grinding for credits in the hope we could use them to get the new skins.
What’s next? Paying money for hero unlock keys? That would be a slap in the face to those of us that bought the season pass.
As an avid supporter of this game since release I’m going to feel severely disappointed and will probably put the game down for good if it’s going to cost real money for skins


Can we get the other Skins as Micro-transactions or in Packs:

By that I mean the other Golden and Platinum Skins for Characters. They make me Jelly seeing Bots rocking those skins in private, That Darn NPC rocking GOLD TOBY and Platinum TOBY

The season pass said that it will grant new skins and taunts along the way are any of these skins coming to season pass holders or are there going to be separate skins and taunts that season pass holders get?

Otherwise for the most part I don’t like this one bit.


They are totally different, theirs Season Pass content and there is a “future” market content. They would be exclusive-ish, not the same content

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I wrote a similar post on a community thread about this but will put it on the ‘official’ one and then try to stay quiet.

I think a ‘real money’ marketplace is a significant change to a game, and a negative alteration of the relationship between player (consumer?) and designer. This is the same even if the items are not necessary for in-game success. I want to pay for my video games; I make a conscious decision to do that. I was more than happy to pay full price for Battleborn and I would have paid double, more, rather than see microtransactions.

You have to pay for the games you make, of course, and I will buy them fairly, but then I want to play a game that manages to move beyond the world in which I’m just a consumer buying things. That’s what art is for. And your game is a work of art, just like many other great games that you have made.

Perhaps it’s a triviality, and perhaps I’m naive, and maybe other people don’t find it an intrusion. And I’ll keep playing the wonder that is Battleborn! But it is saddening.


I would prefer if season pass holders received a nod. Additionally, I’d love if these were a direct way to recieve these skins, and we could still get them in packs. Furthermore, if these are the Tier 2 skins we’ve been waiting patiently (and rather angrily for), I will personally stick around but I expect riots.


GG battleborn…


I understand that you guys want to be able to keep this game healty and add new content, but this is NOT the way to do it. After price cuts, buggy content, and many different requests from the community to fix certian in game issues (eg non max legendaries), this is what your spending your time on? Fix the game first.

GG Battleborn.


I think it’s important to remember that just because some new stuff is released, it doesn’t mean that that the ongoing bugfixxing isn’t also continuing. There are separate teams at gearbox, if i understand things correctly, with separate responsibilities. New content does not exclude ongoing work.


That puts the final nail in the coffin for me… I will never purchase another Gearbox game again. Nicely done.


That’s fine. But we should at least be given a time frame on fixes before they try and squeeze more money out of us

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