Battleborn Marketplace Update

You may want to look at some of @Ganjamira’s posts. She’s our shiny new mod. Note that it’s entirely possible to disagree with or not be in favour of stuff that gearbox do without being ‘against’ Gearbox.

Being a mod doesn’t inhibit our ability to express an opinion at all. If this development even began to look like pay-to-win, you’d see me discussing it in quite strong terms.

(Well, that’s not actually true. I tend to avoid giving my opinion in an ongoing argument since they tend to end with infractions for someone, and it’s easy for someone to claim OMG PH BANNED ME BECAUSE HE KNEW I WAS RIGHT if I’ve expressed a view of the topic. (They’d be wrong: I’ve never ever done that. We censor stuff that breaks the rules, not opinions. And we’re sworn to pull each other upon it, and the community can do so to). But this discussion is nice and polite (mostly) so I’m not worried about it so much.)

Please don’t insult others solely on the basis of them not sharing your opinion. This topic has been relatively polite so far. Let’s keep it that way.


For me there needs to be another way to get character gear. I deleted one of mine a week ago by accident, because the sell option is so wonky and it highlighted something it should not have. I don’t see how it makes sense to only be able to get one of them and be able to sell it. Either you you should not be able to sell it, or you should be able to get more by some other means. You should not be able to sell this literally one-of-a-kind item and have no means of replacing it.

Some kind of ‘starring’ or tagging system, similar to what’s in BL2, would be a good idea, I reckon.

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Mass selling would also be a nice quality of life update

It’s not an insult. It’s a genuine medical condition that I’m concered about lol

There are specific rules about that.

Go read them. Please. If you have any further queries, pm me. Back on topic now.

Good job gearboxs games have humor in them, because none is allowed in the forums

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@Psychichazard summoned me - at your service^^

Though I´m a big longtime fan of GBX games I´m not always “hookers and sunshine” about everything they do. Its just that I´ve a big personal dislike of being angry or growing mad. Because when I do its going to be alot paperwork & colateral damages in the aftermath :smile:
So I always try to overthink all perspectives and sometimes I simply ignore things I dislike - in general, not just GBX-related! <- just want that to be clear.

As for the MT-thingie…its not what I expected from my prior GBX/2K-experiences and as rather poor gamer its a bit of a bummer the skins will be so expensive (compared to BL-2 cosmetics). Here a post about what frustrated me most so far -> Gearbox, your Platinum currency is an overpriced, convoluted currency exchange system & I refuse to use it

I had no money for the Deluxe-Edition nor the SeasonPass yet and I can only hope that I can effort a cool thing for my Orendi later on. I´ll worry about that when I´ve money to spend… Maybe I would be mad if I had DE/SP, but I lack that perspective.
Of course its not good…but its not making me mad. If I´d be mad everytime I cannot effort something I want - jeez I´d go full on Krieg all day. Thats just to stressfull and not good for the bloodpressure :heart:

Heya! I’m a bit tardy to this party, however:

After a lot of issues because of sharing an XBOX with my boyfriend, I finally got my Season Pass to work with help from 2K and legendary loot to make up for it. Even though I know what the Season Pass contains, I don’t think it’s fair I haven’t seen a single taunt/skin yet and now people can buy skins etc. I think T1 and T2 skins should be free for “us” and then I’ll happily invest in some sick skins for my faves.
Taunts that are in loot packs should come free for SP holders too, together with the skins. I bought Jennerit packs only and barely got anything! Bought at least 40 of 50 of 'em. And about 30 Rogue packs I suppose.

I would also love a way to get lores completed that are now PvP only (where am I going to find 25 Ambras AND not be a noob and kill them?), but paying for it with real money doesn’t feel right to me. Maybe an option with regular credits to change the lores to something else that’s related, kinda.

So, yes, I hope SP at least get something soon! I doubt the micro transactions will work immediately with me, since I had a lot of problems after buying the SP after my bf bought it on the same XBOX for himself. I don’t want to have to wait again for it to finally work, if I do buy platinum I want to spend spend spend! But… Not on T1 and T2 stuff.

Also: I agree there should be a way to get legendary character-only gear again. I sold all except I had, since the stats were a joke. I completed 7 characters’ lores and I kept two of them, since they were reasonable enough when you take the character-only things in account.

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Whoa, I don’t get all this people.

The micro transaction and all the skins and taunts that will be avaliable in the market place are not related to season pass buyers exclusive skins and others benefits.

You guys are still getting it. Should they hold the Market Place, even it being ready to launch, just because you didn’t acquire your exclusives? I mean, they are still coming, just not now.

In my POV, people are not mad about the marketplace, since its gonna sell only cosmetics, but the ideia that GB have been working on it despite of the community aspirations. Which is also not true, different teams are working on different things.

I love the game on my ps4, we have short queue times and ok matchups. I Don’t mind being matched with and against lv 30~40 players, me being 100, because those players have played enough matches to get all the fundamentals of the game.

Thanks for all you have done, but keep doing it. With reasons or not, people are mad.
That said, GB team, I believe in you, I’m really enjoying BB so far, but please give us some candy

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You completely bypassed the reason most of us are upset posters like myself and @martok aren’t mad that we have to pay for skins I will definitely be buying kleese the jolly green giants skin tomorrow. What we dislike is that gearbox promised us they would keep cosmetics as the only micro when there was a leak about boosters that’s when most of us had the issue. I do feel timing could have been better on skin purchases as well as I wish there was a in game method.


Personally I’m annoyed for 2 reasons and neither are about dev time.
Firstly it’s the fact that we’re getting the marketplace stuff before we’ve been given a vague road map for when the season pass stuff will be dropping. The timing for it was all wrong.
Secondly it’s because there’s nothing else to get in game right now. Once you have some decent gear there’s no point in trying to get more and the skins & taunts that are unlockable in game are extremely poor. Also is the fact we knew these skins existed so people like myself started hoarding credits which now seem useless.

It makes me feel like their first priority is fleecing us for more cash instead of making out experience better.
Whether or not this is the case is irrelevant. It’s how I (and many other people) have been made to feel


Hopefully, after this discussion, they will revisit the booster ideia. I’m 99% sure that devs and mods are reading it thoroughly.

Now, for @alexbamford1, I’m with you here. This market place caught me off guard, the topic was never brought to light or even debated in the forums. I want to believe that it was being developed for some time and stop theproduction now would simply be unproductive.

The bright side? Now a full dev team is free to delve into and fix other areas of the game. maybe…


I do fully understand that things are being developed apart from each other, however I still think a SP should give you “something”. Yes, we got Alani. I get that.
I just need more skins and taunts for my loves, but I don’t really want to pay the amount they’re currently projecting. I have about 5 favourites, that adds up you know :wink: Especially since I never have any luck with the loot packs. I need Ambra/Deande skins and taunts, yet… barely anything.

Wish I could trade those are the two Jennerits I got the most of while going for my void core.

Ha! I almost always play with my boyfriend, well I played the entire double XP time so I’m 18 ranks up, but I always get jealous when he gets Jennerit/Rogue/LLC as a reward and there end up being taunts/skins in there for my favourite characters. He likes ISIC and Kleese, but dislikes Phoebe. He gets Phoebe stuff all the time, dammit! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve only ever seen one Ambra taunt on PvP and not a single extra Deande one… I don’t see those played a lot anyway.

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Hell, how I wish I only had five haha
Damn Gearbox for making most of their characters so appealing to me. But damn 2k (I suspect 2k was the driving factor behind putting friggin recolors behind a paywall) for selling T2 skins for ridiculous prices with no option to grind for them in game.

I’d throw my money at you for T3 skins and taunts, but only if you give me the option to get T2 in game. I’d still buy some of those for sure, if they were cheaper and if I had the option to get them in game. Putting something behind a paywall always feels like something is wrong.


Heya! Just want to drop in and give some good news, if you didn’t catch it in the rest of the thread,

Season Pass Holders still get DLC-specific taunts/skins for every Season Pass mission released.

This hasn’t changed and is completely seperate from the taunts/skins in the Marketplace.

Exactly how many skins and what those skins are (T2/T3) is still up in the air. Hopefully, they will be a bit less tight lipped about that soon.

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I completely agree! I’ve been in love with Borderlands 2, but the Pre-Sequel I loved slightly less and Battleborn now also slightly less. I want to love it as much tho, I still play BL all the time! We didn’t play it for a while and bought the Handsome Collection with all the skins, I’d be mad if I were someone that had paid a lot for a Season Pass etc. Basically, like me buying Exclusive BB and a SP now and not really getting stuff I was counting on. I hope the upcoming maps are not PvP, campaign right? Idk.

I do have more than 5 favourites, but not so much that I’m willing to spend $$$ on it. I hate PvP lores and think lores should be doable in either both or changable or something. I love Alani, but don’t play her a lot since I know I’m never going to be able to kill my beloved Ambra 25 times. Same goes for Whiskey Foxtrot.
Rath, Orendi, Phoebe, Deande, Ambra, S&A… That’s not 5. Snap! There goes my cash, if I can get stuff like T2 skins and my missing taunts/T1 skins in another way.

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I did read that, but I still want all the other stuff from the marketplace too. I’m Dutch, we’re cheap.
Also, there’s no sign of the SP missions yet. Still waitin’! I want to sexy up my characters. Like, a sexy Attikus. Never mind, that image is… bad.

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