Battleborn Marketplace Update

So no fixes for the match making or performance issues that are causing the player base to continue to shrink… ah well, I’ll check back next month I guess.

Oh and I like how you have to buy more “platinum” than you actually need to get the skin etc. Really great way to make your customers feel welcome.


I remember reading this. At the time we all knew there would be 3 skin tiers and I fully expected the tier 3 skins to be bought via micro-transactions. Tier 2 skins however? I never imagined those would be bought with real currency as well, leaving us with nothing but plain recolors as “free skins”. This would be acceptable if Battleborn was an F2P game, but it’s not. We paid for a full priced game.

They could have transitioned this game into an F2P model to attract more players and used the marketplace as their moneymaker while giving players who bought the game a means to earn platinum in-game, that would have been fine, but it’s not what they’re doing.

And this is even more frustrating considering how many of us were eagerly awaiting the release of Tier 2 skins to spend all those credits we’ve been accumulating and opening those faction packs. The marketplace gives zero incentive for old players to return (I added a lot of people to my friends list for this game, over 20, and while I’d always have at least 10 playing at any given time, it’s now rare to see more than 2 logged on) and gives the current remaining players absolutely nothing to look forward to beyond spending more money.

btw, please don’t feel targeted by my complaints, I replied to your post since you were the one who provided the link relevant to my response. Thanks for the dig <3


Been looking forward to the t2 skins since launch and have been saving up my coins so that I could try my hand at fate at getting these ones they release and now to find out that it was all for naught, that really really sucks. Now I’m just completely let down. I think the main thing was is that to me it seemed like the skins were going to be something that could be gotten with in game money and we were given no information or hint at all really that these skins were going to be locked behind real money. That is what really hits me low, is if we could have just been told out right that these skins were going to require real money it wouldn’t have hit so hard as they are now coming out this week and my coins and time I played to work towards these were basically useless. So that means the t3 skins will more than likely be something your going to have to pay for as well. Was really excited for these skins and now I just feel empty about them.

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Don’t assume that working on a marketplace expansion takes away from other efforts. The two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

This is a tricky question for a lot of reasons. I can tell you that developing a video game isn’t always about working from “a list”. Things are always in motion. Priorities are constantly changing and on a daily basis. I can also tell you that a big part of my job is being able to react and adapt to those changes quickly, efficiently, and in a manner that aims to serve our community best.

Sometimes I see people ask for the “bottom line”, much as you’ve done here – there’s nothing wrong with that, mind you, but that question can’t really be answered in those terms because that’s not how things work for us. Things are always in flux. I’m sorry if this answer feels like a cop-out (it does to me too, FWIW), but explaining why I can’t answer it is really the best answer I can give.

Suffice it to say this: It’s my privilege and my job to act as a liaison between you guys and our team. I’ve been around here a long time – since before I ever worked for Gearbox. I work for Gearbox because I was a member of the community, not the other way around. That’s why I work to build trust with you guys on behalf of the studio – because I genuinely care. We all do. Even though things don’t shake out like we want them to sometimes, you guys are a daily topic of conversation internally and many times we make some decisions directly based on your feedback. We’ve established that I can’t answer ever question that comes up (at least not immediately), but I am looking out for you guys and we (Gearbox) do very much care about what you all have to say.


The skins and taunt being referenced here are not the same as those that will release alongside future story missions.


No need to get cynical or sarcastic here. Please check out the Forum Rules again, thank you.

and trust me, i’ve been reading.
this is the MOST I’VE EVER SEEN someone communicate about issues.

in 6 weeks, i’ve gotten more answers from this thread than the rest of those days.
which is SAD.
why the wait? why the anguish? the answers are there, just hidden from us.
Asking us to trust them. When i already trusted them, with my $75. and got screwed.
Asking for trust, when no reason at ALL has been given to even START building trust.
You do realize you BUILD trust right? You EARN it. Nothing has earned it so far.

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So the season pass holders will get certain skins/etc.

Another set of skins/etc. Must be bought in the marketplace.

So on top of me not receiving all of the content from the season pass even though i share and split screen with my husband, I will also have to buy skins/etc. With real money.

So I don’t have to buy the game to play with my husband but if I want to enjoy the additional content he already bought I must pay $20 THEN if we both want the new marketplace skins we both have to pay X amount to get them all.

Whuuuuuuuuttt. Geez. If I hear more bad news today then I’m going to bed early.


Ok, let me rephrase.
Considering my entire post just went up in smoke, i dont remember all i posted. (it was a LOT)
but it was along the lines of, give us information, keep us updated
its as simple as what is happening this very moment, this very thread.

my question is, why did it take this long?
and really, was it the leaked information that prompted all of this?
would we even have this thread without that leaked info and screenshots?

Just going to put in my final two cents -
Dissapointed the game is implementing a cash shop. Period.
But, it’s gonna happen so please do it right. No XP boosts, No Credit boosts, just cosmetics. That’s fine.
Finally, there are major issues with this game that need to be fixed. Not a single,SINGLE note in this new set of patch notes is something I cared about. It seems as though the focus for this game is just in the wrong place. I don’t need performace improvements, I need a better game.

The community has brought to light many bugs that need addressing. The sentinel getting stuck during the boss fight on his second recharging platform if you destroy the last cluster while he’s in midair - This has been a known bug for forever, yet it happend to me again today. Nothing in the patch notes about it. Yet we can give you more money to buy skins? The priorities just don’t line up guys.

Lastly, you state that just because you’re working on project A doesn’t mean your not working on project B. Yes it does. If your devoting man hours, labor expenses, and other resources on developing a way for your loyal community to “tip” your company, your not devoting those resources to game improvements. Simple as that.

I will end in saying thankyou to JoeKGBX and the mods for their responses in this matter, hearing your thoughts is very helpful. Unfortunatly, it sounds like your managing this game in such a way that will lead to me being a lost player.



This. So much this.

This is what I want to know.

If the T2 skins aren’t included in the DLC/Season Pass, why we were lead on to believe they would be included in them? If they weren’t included in those packages, why didn’t they just say as much?

It feels like a total slap in the face, having bought the DD version; especially after the price was dropped two weeks after the game came out.

What actually comes in the DLC? Just PvE maps?


The DLC will have their own set of skins and taunts, which will be available through playing those missions, possibly by mission specific challenges ? Not certain yet.

They could just have been a lot mroe transparent about this issue and avoided a lot of unnecessary fallout.


If you trust GBX or not is your decision and everything regarding your own feelings & opinions are yours and its okay to have those opinions and perspectives. If you don´t trust them its completely your business, noone will argue there.
All I asked for was to stop the cynical, sarcastic attitude.

I don´t know why. I don´t work for GBX. But I´m owner of a own business and I know often things take alot longer than anticipated and planned. Its frustating, but plans often get cancelled by reality and incident.
Such delays get bigger with the number of employees because you´ve to communicate daily in meetings and get all together.

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@JoeKGBX I’m going to respond out of order because I think it’ll make more sense.

There’s a number of us that ‘get it’. There’s a lot of moving pieces in the grand scheme of things and sometimes those ‘pieces’ have a lot of pull as to what you can publicly talk about.

I understand that and perhaps I should have worded it better as I was more trying to get across the fact that there is a much bigger problem (pc population) that needs to be addressed but you most likely can’t publicly talk about or acknowledge because of above mentioned ‘pieces’.
This marketplace announcement coming out first is going to rub (or should I say already is…) your fans the wrong way. While not your intention, it comes across as, “you made an investment and expect a return, but first here’s a way we can make more money instead.” On an unrelated note, read that quoted text again in Isic’s voice. It totally works.

Despite that, I’m not giving up on you guys. At least not yet. But I have to be honest, it’s getting pretty damn hard to keep logging in every night on “trust” and “patience” if you understand where I’m coming from.

Appreciate the reply despite my question from the first post being borderline unfair.


5 PVE maps
Keys to access 5 new chararacters (Alani was the first)
Skins exclusive to the DLC (Sounds like these will come with each PVE map)

Free: PVP maps as released
Ability to use credits to play as the 5 DLC characters
gear and skins gained through gameplay

so far: Skins and Taunts exclusive to the marketplace
Possible: exp boosts but nothing that boosts in game abilities
We have been told that all MICRO will be cosmetic or at least not change PVP gameplay


As much as I love this game, that was a slap in the face by gearbox. The patch notes really don’t appeal to me much as there’s still various bugs, although not many I’ve run across. This is going to also piss off a number people and kill the player base more so than it will get money for Gearbox. I just don’t see the benefit of this when it’s such a small amount of money they’ll gain for the amount of players that are now leaving. Congrats Gearbox you might’ve just killed this games small player base and console might be near unplayable now.


and THIS.
You can’t refute this.
Because you are here, now. This very moment.
Devoting hours and work. To this marketplace announcement.
So you are in fact, devoting your current time to this project,
rather than informing us about or working towards fixes.

Now hold on a moment, this is all speculation, BUT this is how this entire topic is perceived.

even if this is not the truth in your eyes, it is in the community’s.

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Could you at least boost the base exp rate by a bit, it builds too slowly from PvP.

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I figured the tier 3 skins would be available for purchase but the tier 2 as well? :disappointed:

Ughh that doesn’t sit well with me, I already paid 75 for the DD edition, I really do love this game but that’s asking for quite alot


My two cents for what they are worth:

I am not happy about this, I will not go around whining about me leaving Battleborn or anything like that, but I am displeased.

Why am I displeased?
I bought the game and season pass on a small budget because this IS a game ain’t love, when I bought the season pass I was expecting all future content free to me. Maps, Characters, SKINS, Taunts and so on, when I first heard about the micro trans I wasn’t actually that upset, not until I heard the skins and taunts were going to be a part of the micro transactions.

Exp boosts don’t bother me one bit, currency boosts bother me but not enough to really care, Skins and Taunts are what irks my muffins. I understand I will be getting some with the PvE content but the fact that there are some I will have to pay for really bother me! It will somewhat dissuade MY anger if I see those pre-order gold skins for sale but I imagine it wouldn’t help many other people in my position (I just really love those gold skins and missed out on preorder).

Finally, like most here, I feel cheated. I payed for a full game plus a season pass, and am being asked to pay more for all the content. It is one of my major issues with the game that shall not be named, it came out with the damned micro transactions, it was the first thing I noticed and why I originally went with BB. This just makes me sad.

Not happy, not angry, just sad ;(
It will take something truely evil to make me leave Battleborn, but I am disappointed that this has happened.