Battleborn Marketplace Update

But whenever we talk about other users PH shows up with pictures of animals then everyone wins.


First off, if you aren’t sure where your money is going, you should have looked to see what the season pass actually entailed. Secondly, you season pass goes towards 5 campaign missions which have exclusive skins. If you want to complain about the season pass, at least look into it so you know what you’re complaining about, especially since no one forced you to buy it.

Thank you for the thorough reply. As people who seem to be both educated, I hope we stop insulting each other by writing things like “entire game . . . for free” when consideration in the form of full purchase price has been given and received. In a few hours I am leaving for vacation, so I won’t write long. Just a few points.

  1. Large law firms that represent companies like GB (or like 2K) charge about $500 per hour per lawyer. Usually, even a “small” case will have a partner, a senior associate, a mid level associate, and a couple of junior associates on the list. A 2-hour team meeting already costs $5,000. You tell me how many skins you need to sell to offset that.

  2. EULAs are not the only legal theory on which a clam could be based.

  3. EULAs are not that they seem to be. Hire any national law firm and ask them to give you an opinion on just some of the terms of a randomly picked EULA. After paying several tenths of thousands (at least) you will get an inch-thick opinion in which they will tell you “we think it means this, but you never know how a court may rule in the end.”

  4. Construction of contractual terms could be a tricky issue. As you probably know, companies have sued each other over what the word “chicken” means. Please, don’t read this as a threat. I am busy enjoying my life and although it would be fun to advise on the matter, I have other, more important things to do with my time. But the situation is sticky and somebody with time and library on their hands can go for it.

  5. Cases don’t have to be won. Imagine something surviving the motion to dismiss and later on surviving summary judgment. Imagine a young law professor and a bunch of gunners who drool over what extravagant arguments they will make in their 150-page brief. They will work day and night to put something on the resume while GB’s attorneys will work at $500 per hour.


Yeah i remember that being on of the biggest positives that got me rooting for this game.

How me and other user said, Gearbox said before the game release that there will be cosmetic MTs and here you have the link

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Thats true… I´ve some, but @Psychichazard ´s animal pics are finest, not to compare with what I got on my PC^^


Stay nice to each other! :heart:


Great response. Really fantastic and I won’t belabor the point because I think we’re on the same page now.

  1. Absolutely, while 2K almost certainly has counsel on retainer, dealing with a filing would be expensive and distracting, they certainly wouldn’t want to do that.

  2. Very true, a creative litigator could find any number of reasons for a suit. You just need someone whose motivated enough to look. Contract law is, at best, murky territory and once you get into digital goods, it basically becomes the wild west. My brother used to do this sort of law, the stories he tells.

  3. Aye. They are long, often rather poorly written documents, and like everything else in contract law, can be challenged. Up until this point, I don’t know of too many cases where one has been successfully challenged, but there is a first time for everything.

  4. True.

  5. The only addendum I would make here, which you likely know, is the one I made in point one. One of the reasons it’s difficult to sue companies like 2k (not GBX) is that they retain legal counsel for just these occasions. Their bull pen lawyers are just sitting around waiting for this kind of stuff, and they get paid regardless.

In any case, I see the perspective you’re coming at this from now, and it’s far different than the “sue everyone” claim that a lot of people make on the Internet. I appreciate the civility and hope you have a great vacation.

Id say that microtransactions was the doom for BB once it became a struggling game this month, however I expected it much later. Sadly as the game is still trying to roll as a premium game (pay $60+ dollars you get it all!) I expected this to come MUCH later down the road, and to actually protect my investment in the game. Sadly the PC version is close to limping off a cliff and my $80 is about to go with it, and regardless of the existance of microtransactions this isn’t going to stop. So basically the end thought I have is “why not? it’s dead anyway and no sane person would purchase into them, to spend $100 on an empty game…” Which I really hoped not to happen. However if this is accompanied with a BB price drop, which the PC club desperately needs anyway then I suppose some may be foolish enough.

Naw, Battleborn was “doomed” (on the PC side at least) when the Memorial day weekend came and went without any fixes to the major issues. You can see a clear drop in the number of players at that point, and then it just keeps going down day by day.

Now there are just not enough players to support the game.

I happen to have looked into it but I think it’s vague. Is it an exclusive skin for one character? For each character? Is it a tier 3 quality skin or a color swap? These things make a difference…

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Each skin and taunt is sold individually. These are the ‘tier 2’ skins that we saw in beta.

Are ther statistics like this for console?? I’d like to know… I mean id rather see the game go free to play to increase the player base (for the sake of the game’s success) and they can convert all the premium content into in-game currency for those who paid the full price… It would be free to play OR AAA… That would be amazing in my opinion…

@Jythri see how I did that again? Love u…

Sorry the PC side is suffering guys… I honestly think what the game needs is standalone ability in the multiplayer dept… The AI are painfully bad, but I know if there were more options to customize AI difficulty, I would continue to play BB indefinitely even if the player base disappeared, Bc it’s a great game… I might even pay for premium stuff, but the game really can’t stand alone except maybe in PVE, but even then some levels are stupid hard-- like heliophage… And there’s no way I’d be able to get legendary loot from hard PVE without other players… However if we could get some AI in there that wouldn’t kill everything for us, but were competent enough to be of help, then the game could stand all by itself, and people would continue to buy it based on its merits in single player alone, and the added multiplayer component would be an optional bonus for when friends or clans wanted to play together or even compete… But no… We needed microtransactions first… It was more important :expressionless:

I know of no similar tracking system for console. Microsoft and Sony are much less transparent about such things than Valve.

No, again this has been pointed out many times in this thread just no one reads it and posts their opinion without checking the facts. What WAS announced months ago and what was announced on the 13th June are different. The 13th June post references the previous announcement of paid for cosmetic content.

The 13th June post goes on to Speculate OTHER changes that are not only cosmetic:

“What else could the Battleborn Marketplace hold? That’s up to you! In addition to awesome skins and taunts, we’re also exploring convenient ways players can add bank spaces, loadouts, or boost their XP and credit earnings that do not affect actual gameplay. We don’t have a timeframe yet, but we are interested in your feedback. Let us know what you’d like to see in the Marketplace in the forums.”

After proposing XP boosts etc it then asks for feedback on the forums, which is what people are providing.

Pk lease stop spreading mis-information such as the changes they are proposing are just cosmetic - That is wrong.

If you spread this spurious claim then people won’t know to voice their opposition for the non cosmetic proposed changes when they have asked us to do so in the announcement!

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This is really disappointing news… I honestly feel slighted as both a player and a consumer.
Anyways; I’m sorry, Gearbox. It was fun, but I’ll be taking my leave now. Best of luck to you.


@Martok has been a big part of the discussion what you quoted is him stating we knew micros were coming for skins in that regard we weren’t deceived. He is also a big part of the discussion against the boosters which are not cosmetic as most agree.

Okay. Boosters aren’t cosmetic. Maybe Gbx changed their mind, and decided to sell more stuff…that’s optional…that doesn’t offer anything not already in the game…(you can get credits, and xp, just by playing, right?)

I don’t get the fuss. If you want to get the alleged enormous benefits, you can. If you don’t, don’t buy them. What is the big deal? How is anyone who chooses not to purchase then affected by someone else who does…And this is available to everyone?

In general, choices are good.

Well then words need to be chosen more carefully.
I stand 100% by what I have written in relation to the statement quoted.

They waited for us all to buy the game and then announced MT’s that were not detailed per-release. That is sneaking in Micro-transactions or at least making a statement of intent to introduce ones post sale that were not listed pre-sale. Either way it is “shady”.

The statement I quoted implies this not to be the case and acts as a “put off” for people to submit their opinion on the matter. I encourage more to list their opinion as they devs requested.

The big deal is that we were informed that they would keep micros cosmetic only. I would prefer to keep the honest people honest. I and many others have stated our opinions on this numerous times repeating myself at this point really isn’t worth it.

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