Battleborn Marketplace Update

Wish I could trade those are the two Jennerits I got the most of while going for my void core.

Ha! I almost always play with my boyfriend, well I played the entire double XP time so I’m 18 ranks up, but I always get jealous when he gets Jennerit/Rogue/LLC as a reward and there end up being taunts/skins in there for my favourite characters. He likes ISIC and Kleese, but dislikes Phoebe. He gets Phoebe stuff all the time, dammit! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve only ever seen one Ambra taunt on PvP and not a single extra Deande one… I don’t see those played a lot anyway.

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Hell, how I wish I only had five haha
Damn Gearbox for making most of their characters so appealing to me. But damn 2k (I suspect 2k was the driving factor behind putting friggin recolors behind a paywall) for selling T2 skins for ridiculous prices with no option to grind for them in game.

I’d throw my money at you for T3 skins and taunts, but only if you give me the option to get T2 in game. I’d still buy some of those for sure, if they were cheaper and if I had the option to get them in game. Putting something behind a paywall always feels like something is wrong.


Heya! Just want to drop in and give some good news, if you didn’t catch it in the rest of the thread,

Season Pass Holders still get DLC-specific taunts/skins for every Season Pass mission released.

This hasn’t changed and is completely seperate from the taunts/skins in the Marketplace.

Exactly how many skins and what those skins are (T2/T3) is still up in the air. Hopefully, they will be a bit less tight lipped about that soon.

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I completely agree! I’ve been in love with Borderlands 2, but the Pre-Sequel I loved slightly less and Battleborn now also slightly less. I want to love it as much tho, I still play BL all the time! We didn’t play it for a while and bought the Handsome Collection with all the skins, I’d be mad if I were someone that had paid a lot for a Season Pass etc. Basically, like me buying Exclusive BB and a SP now and not really getting stuff I was counting on. I hope the upcoming maps are not PvP, campaign right? Idk.

I do have more than 5 favourites, but not so much that I’m willing to spend $$$ on it. I hate PvP lores and think lores should be doable in either both or changable or something. I love Alani, but don’t play her a lot since I know I’m never going to be able to kill my beloved Ambra 25 times. Same goes for Whiskey Foxtrot.
Rath, Orendi, Phoebe, Deande, Ambra, S&A… That’s not 5. Snap! There goes my cash, if I can get stuff like T2 skins and my missing taunts/T1 skins in another way.

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I did read that, but I still want all the other stuff from the marketplace too. I’m Dutch, we’re cheap.
Also, there’s no sign of the SP missions yet. Still waitin’! I want to sexy up my characters. Like, a sexy Attikus. Never mind, that image is… bad.

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I’m trying really, really hard not to think about an Attikus in a Bikini wearing lip gloss and pig-tails. Trying really, really hard.

As for the SP missions, honestly, I expect that they are going to take a while.

All of them require new voice acting (for all characters), new scripting, probably new assets etc… GBX is a medium sized studio, and even in the very best of cases, to get it all done will require a bit of time. Especially with all the bug fixes and feature requests that they’re probably pouring through.

I do hope they give us something in the short term though, just because I think the community needs something to get excited about right now. :slight_smile:


What? Thrall can’t be sexy too? That’s racist.


NOW I want it! Badly!!! hahaha

Well they should at least give a sexy T3 look for him to all of us then, just for the sake of it. Makes people happy. Or scared.

Put him in a banana hammock.

[quote=“melissaboven, post:546, topic:1512658, full:true”]sexy Attikus

You can tell Battleborn is failing, because a Google search for “sexy attikus” returns no results.


That article was awhile ago plans can change and nothing in the article is written in stone.

March really not that long ago and amazingly it was the official stance of the company. It’s OK though I know they will sell boosters even though the majority of the vocal forums oppose it because it’s easy cash and let’s be honest most devs only seem to be after that lately.

The opening of a cash shop in a full priced game is a sign of the apolcalypse. I am not excited nor happy with this cash shop idea. In fact i’ll go so far as saying between this and the season pass issue i’m rapidly losing faith in battleborn.

For a second, I was was really excited that this thread was going to become about wildly inappropriate Attikus skins. I’m a little disappointed.


If they would give me everything my husband got when he bought the season pass (since we split screen and share a ps4) I would have less to be upset about in regards to Gearbox and 2K’s marketing plans.

But since im upset about that and now learn that the skins will cost so much, even though they’re low quality recolours, my frustrations escalate.

Digital Deluxe: $75

Season pass if I wanted to play with my husband on new PvE maps: $20 or $25 in sets of $5 as they come out (which after the whole season pass fiasco with skins and no console sharing content I will never buy a season pass again without contacting the company and getting full writing of what my pass covers and if it’s console or account bound)

T2 skins and/or taunts for 6 characters (3 and 3 for hubby and me): $20-30

T3 skins presumably costing more again 3 and 3: $30-40


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I wonder how astute this observation is.
Group A likes the idea of cash shop non cosmetic.
Group B doesn’t care and wants to keep group c calm
Group C hates the idea of cash shop.
Group A are the devs
Group B are the mods minus ganjaMira and add a few players
Group C is the fans


yeah I usually lose because my team is generally ■■■■ or my team is full of level 20’s except for me (I’m at level 56) and the other team is mainly level 100 or somewhere in the 90’s. I mean im not really complaining but if they could balance the teams based on level that would be awesome.

Microtransactions always put sand in vaginas, and with so few vaginas left and more irritated vaginas leaving every day, I think a little lube is in order.