Battleborn Marketplace Update

I cannot help it if players expect that companies will never bend to pressure properly applied, or that they are pushovers or apologists. If they would have bothered to better document the intention to add any sort of marketplace addition, we would have known that they have been working on it prior to the release. Therefore, it wouldn’t be such a surprise to buyers of the game, and we would be less interested in the matter.

GB and 2k both made trivial mentions of it prior to launch, so they were remiss in a responsibility to explain all factors of the product. But, what is done is done, and it is now our job as consumers to apply all required pressure to ameliorate the problem. Even if we knew beforehand that it was coming, it is still our job. Choosing to accept all such decisions is submissive, and mischaracterizing the positions of others as being nothing but a function of ill-preparedness is ignorant. And we all know “Ignorance is not a simple lack of knowledge but an aversion to knowledge, the refusal to know, issuing from cowardice, pride, or laziness of mind.” - Karl Popper

Karl Popper also said “No rational argument will have a rational effect on a man who does not want to adopt a rational attitude.”

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I have to agree with most of what has been said about the marketplace update, not a big fan of the platinum currency at all but I don’t mind it being an option as long as there is a way to earn or purchase the same stuff by earning it by playing the game. Not having an option to use credits or earn them another way gives me the impression they want my money more than they want me to play the game.


Couldn’t say it better.

Technically the marketplace is a trivial thing. So what should they have done? They informed us, they gave us the means to know early enough to make an informed decision about the game. People still chose to buy it. Should they have put the fact of the market in every press release? That to me seems redundant. It is our job as a consumer to understand what is entailed in the buying of the game.

What are people hoping to accomplish by “applying pressure,” so to speak? A removal of the marketplace? We know for a fact that will not happen. Are you hoping to improve the game? Well applying pressure does not make them work faster. Telling them about the things that need to be fixed (such as applying a nerf to a character, or fixing glitches) makes it happen. I am sure that they are working on making the best game they can, but complaining about something trivial like a marketplace will not help. We have to give specific data to the developers to fix the game glitches.

And unfortunately, you are mistaking my submissiveness as mindless. I am have no objection to the marketplace because it doesn’t affect anyone playing the game at all. There is no fine print that says “if you have the premium skin for [insert character], you will receive a bonus for [insert characteristic here].” These are strictly cosmetic, and nothing more. So complaints about it are futile.

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Ha ha ha! What on earth could this possibly mean? To whom? Oh, to the authority on objective importance. I’ll bet he has a nice office.

What’s that “so to speak” doing in there?! If you’re quoting someone else’s metaphor, you don’t need to say that. Unless you mean to adopt it, and are practicing its future use. In which case, you are welcome! I am gratified to have made an impact on your parlance!

To answer your question, um, we don’t like that there are skins that you can only get with money. That leads to, just for starters, a few sociological issues to which some people seem oblivious, but I shall elucidate: If, in a public game, a player wears a skin which can ONLY be purchased–not earned through normal gameplay–other players are going to make assumptions about that player, and not all of them will necessarily be good… You can say that the motivation for that is a disdain for vanity or you can say that it’s envy. I imagine both will be true! You know what won’t be true? That it “will have no effect at all on gameplay”. Because anyone who knows the first thing about human beings knows that it will.

It actually might be less offensive if the shop portion existed only on the launcher. I’ll forgive an in-game marketplace under one condition: That the icon is an animation of a home being bulldozed and replaced by a shopping mall.

This is why battle born is dying in its popular competitor overarching all skins can be attained without paying , you can either grind for the chest at a chance of getting the skins or pay for it yourselves someone who wants it immediately can simply pay for the skins plus if they were smart the season pass holders should have access to all the skins and taunts.

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Well, that would sell more season passes.

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Wouldn’t have any objection to skins being tied to the purchase of season passes. Even if they started breaking up new content into smaller pieces and bundling them with skins or something like that.

But an ingame cash shop…with premium currency…come on, man. Vomiting isn’t good for you. Not even if it’s just a little bit in your own mouth. Still passes up over the esophagus. Stomach acid. No bueno.


They should go for that because if all skins taunts come with the pass I’ll buy it in a heartbeat


i wasn’t referring to anything to do with micro transactions if you go back and read the comment i was replying to then you would see that the original comment state that people who paid for dd version and season pass got alani and golden skins for free but we would have gotten them if we hadn’t paid for it.

Feedback? Please remove micro-transactions entirely because it is an insult to everyone who spent $80 on your game.


Although I agree to an extent that it’s an insult to us whom paid full price because of how costly the skins and taunts are, they mentioned having microtransactions months ago.

They just never told us the skins we were requesting and hording loot packs for were going to be part of them. They stayed silent.

so… you want us to spend MORE money on a dying game? cash grab at its finest.

Changing the oil might be great, but you don’t do it after driving 250 miles on your brand new car. If that new car has transmission problems already then you should get that handled under warranty. Right now the transmission needs some work because it doesn’t shift gears right (pun), and they said they’d change the oil if you cough up $150 for it. Stealership moto.


Good example :thumbsup:

I remember they had a post somewhere on the message board that they had trouble releasing the T2 skins and were supposed to come out when Alani was released and just mentioned that there was a problem with releasing them, they should of just said hey we haven’t released them because we haven’t put a way to purchase things with real money

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:heart_eyes: I love you

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I don’t want to get lost in the metaphor, so I’ll drop it for my reply. :slight_smile:

My point is that the marketplace was a quick, “easy” fix that was already on the timeline and required no additional resources to complete. It happened because it was happening.

Pushing up content production would require so many changes, and so many additional resources, that it would be impossible both logistically and financially to do. Moreso because the games sales clearly didn’t meet projections and 2K has no incentive to dump resources into it above and beyond what they’ve already budgeted.

Interestingly, if the marketplace is successful, that might provide exactly the incentive needed to put more resources into content production (both speed and quantity).

I totally understand why you feel the way that you do, but I just want to make sure we aren’t cutting off our own noses to spite our face.


Trivial as defined is as meaning of little value or importance. The skins are of little value and importance to the game. You make the basic assumption that human beings are either affected by someone having something they do not, or are affected by the cosmetic aspects of the characters that they play against. There is not tactical advantage, or psychological advantage. It is not intimidating to play against people with these new skins. I have played against plenty of them. I do not want them, nor were they better in any respect of the game. Therefore making it trivial for the other people to have them. You are assuming you know tons about human beings, but as you said, “mischaracterizing the positions of others as being nothing but a function of ill-preparedness is ignorant.” And we know where this will lead. A player should not have assumptions made upon them for having a skin, but for their skill with the character and their command level.

And yes I did mean to say “applying pressure” so to speak. You are currently not applying pressure to the developers to remove the marketplace. Refusing to play the game until it is removed, or protesting it publicly will not make them remove it. What you are saying to them when you do this is that “we will not put anymore money into your game.” From the standpoint of 2k, they say things along the lines of “Ok we already have your money for the game. Let’s have Gearbox focus on other things now to improve the game.” You have no leverage. There will still be people like me who know for a fact that they are just skins, and continue to play the game and have fun. We are not forced to buy them, or pay for a subscription.

To me it seems like you are going to be fighting a great uphill and trivial battle if that is what you are trying to do. Good luck as it has already rolled out and isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.

Please only speak for yourself and not everyone.

I was not insulted by it and I bought some of them, and playing PVP I see others with them as well.