Battleborn Matchmaking with similar level players

So I’ve been playing Battleborn since release day and I’ve really been enjoying it. When I started in pvp I was typically matched with people near my lvl though there were occasionally people level 20s or 30s. Now I’m level 40 and I am very often in a team with players level 10 and below fighting while the opposing team is 80s and up. How is this fair?
Can matchmaking even out the teams so the average level of both teams is about equivalent ?

Gearbox I hope you see this, this is seriously annoying!

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+1 Good idea. Even if the Lvl is not a reliable indicator concerning the skills. It would be great to have an “equivalent matchmaking”

And while I agree that level is not completely reliable in determining skill it is reliable in determining the experience of the players. A level 100 player has been playing a long time, typically will know all the characters, probably mastered a few and may know all the ins and outs of the maps and game modes.
On the other hand, a level 5 player may only know a few characters, is still learning how to play, learning the game modes and maps, etc. and what I see often is new players don’t realize how important not dying is, especially early game.

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There have been many many topics like this asking for a ranked system since CR doesn’t show skill

Levels outside of very low <10 don’t mean skill. I have friends who are level 100 and have never played a match of PVP and you could get a level 15 player that has only played PVP.

Match making right now as I understand is matched with W/L and K/D

That being said we already have multiple topics on this matter, so I will close this and please use existing threads for this conversation.