Battleborn >> Math?

Hey there,
Great incursion game earlier, we were dominated for 25 minutes before we started to strike back, then wipe out the enemy team, the first sentry and attacked the second one. Then the timer reached 0, and I have seen a “Defeat by average player score”.
Since when does 86 < 72 is true?
I know matchmaking and all is a quite complicated thing, but math…
Did anything like that ever happened to you?

Their Alani is pretty low level. Did she quit halfway through the game? If she missed enough of the game it will not count her for the average, which would bring their average score above yours.

I have seen a couple threads where someone posts a screenshot of them losing, even though they had a higher average score. Something doesnt seem to calculate correctly.

No, I am positive she was here until almost the end (maybe left 5 minute before the end)
Edit: is the fact that somebody disconect make it out of the final count something true??

Pretty sure the Alani isn’t counted. Either she was afk or disconnected, but the game deemed that she wasn’t participating. considering she has only 1 kill AND 1 assist (which for alani is incredibly low number of assist), I would tend to agree that she didn’t participate most of the time. Her level is also strangely low for her number of minions if she participated the whole game.
More like, she was really active on the minion part when she was here, but she wasn’t here all the time.
The reason of your comeback may be exactly that.

I played the marquis, she was here until very late I can testify. even if she left 5 minutes before the end, how come she does not count? AFK get points and xp, so why would not they count in the average team score?

LOL, I’ve been a victim of the losing as the lower average score before. Its pretty sad feeling.

Yeah but was she here all the time before that? Level 6 for Alani even though she barely died? 1 assist? Something is definitely wrong here. Either way, not sure exactly what are the criteria to count or not count. What I mean here, is that the only logical explanation is that she wasn’t counted.

I have had the same thing happen, even have a post up about it. None of the players in my match had disconnected. Still lost by score even though the sentry points were in my favor.

This is something Gearbox needs to get fixed ASAP.