Battleborn Merch and Streams at PAX East, Booth Hosted by StealthShampoo!

DB and I will be hosting the Battleborn PAX East booth, casting live on the show floor for the event! Special guest caster Sohinki from Smosh Games will be co-casting with me too!

PAX East takes place Friday-Sunday, April 22th to April 24th.

Dozens of other streamers will be there too, including all these cool people!


For those of you not at PAX East, all these streamers and more (including myself) will be streaming live on the show floor on Twitch. I will be trolling them as hard as possible and dancing in the background of their webcams.

We’ve got stacks of Battleborn t-shirts as well, featuring a character collage of all 25 characters.

Also, I have a stack of Battleborn official trading cards left over to give away to fans from Reddit or Twitch who find me! Only I have these cards, you cannot buy them from retail or steal them from Gearbox or 2K. I know, because I already stole them all.

I will also be bringing with me a couple Battleborn Early Access codes (PC) to be given away on stream and to my fans who hunt me down at the booth. While supplies last.

And if you’re not headed to PAX East, you’re welcome to come up to me and grab some of this cool stuff if you see me wandering the streets of Boston. You can find me wandering the IGN Battleborn Launch party (Thursday, April 21st), The Battleborn Community Party (Saturday, April 23rd), and the Twitch Party!

If you have trouble hunting me down, please tweet at me, @StealthShampoo, and ask me where I am. I’m always checking Twitter, and the best part about these events are meeting and hanging out with you guys!

If you’re willing to do a live try-out for my new professional Battleborn team, Salt Command, I’ll hop in a match with you as well.

I hope to see you guys there or on Twitch!


I hope I’m at home so I can watch the stream.
And I really wish I could get one of those shirts!

You might want to change your image because it says March instead of April. :slight_smile:

It’s an old graphic I grabbed, didn’t make it or I would’ve changed it myself. Let me see if they have an updated one with April on it instead.

Edit: don’t worry, I’ve taken care of the graphic problem.

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Not a big issue, just wanted to point it out so nobody who saw it was confused…like me. :blconfused:

Yeah i need one of those shirts…preferably in 3XL

I’ll be wandering around and will definitely be putting forth maximum effort to get one of those shirts.