Battleborn Merch!

@JoeKGBX I know this has been posted before, but would love to see some more Battleborn Merch…More Shirts with each character on them?? I need a Mellka one…and Orendi…and phoebe, Benedict etc ok, just 25 different character shirts ,cool? got it? good. Even those PAX shirts that were given away looked cool enough…

I had to buy my battleborn logo shirt from

p.s. this helps promote the game too , albeit slowly, but better than nothing …within 20 minutes of me wearing it downtown, guy at a local coffee shop asked me what to play, Battleborn or OW? …I said, I like both , but I am way more hooked on Battleborn now…just like that, hes interested. . Hey, if 2k cant market it properly , I’ll just market it myself : )



I hope one day to have a light up Kelvin statue (lights up all all colors! :D), and a Talking Toby Plush. These are needs. NEEDS I SAY.


Who wouldn’t want a Toby shirt? It would be great, having the character on the front of the shirt and a slogan of that hero on the back.

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I need a shirt with a picture of kelvin that says “I… Feel… Exuberant.”

Or him slapping miko by accident as he says “The Ice man cometh. Right. Up top.”

Or him scratching his teath saying “This is the way we clean our teeth.” or “something to remember you by.”

Or a shirt with Toby pulling his visor down saying “Even if your dead I totally believe in you!”

Please, GBX, @JoeKGBX use your magic community communication powers to relay the needs of the people to your fellow GBX shirt providers or more likely marketing, or whatever must be done to make it known that there must be penguins and ice monsters to be bought whether via the tee shirt or some sort of plush/statue(ette), they were meant to be together, now they must be sold together! (heh, i’d still love a S&A style character with toby and kelvin as originally thought upon, that would’ve been some awesome banter. However toby and berg is also some great S&A style banter, seeing Berg can apparently talk)


that Kelvin Lava lamp statue sounds amazing!

Would that Toby talking plush perchance say some of his amazing kind of condescending kind of apologetic kind of snarpy one liners? pushes plush " you did great… really! " push " Everyone’s gonna die sometime! " *push * " I’m sorry you died! Don’t hate me! " :smile:


I would love to have a figure of Thorn that says: “For Ekkunar, For Solus!”

I need to get my friends to print kelvin, cast a mold from it, and cast him in clear acrylic and then throw a color changing led inside. Best lamp ever.

Toby plush must contain a majority of lines or otherwise it falls upon the owner to quote said lines. Not having lines at all is no bueno!

If I get bored enough I will make a foam toby and isic head to carry around as Caldarius. Then we can have conversations. I’ll just need my data recorder then. LET’S GO ON A PICNIC!

That Kelvin statue would be sick.

The Kelvin lamp sounds cool as hell.

Gotta get some thrall love in here, hit me up with an Attikus shirt with the “I have difficulty expressing myself!” line on it, or maybe a plush of him.

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Ohhhhhhhhh that’s Jasperrrrrrrrr.

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We need plushies
I want one for orendi

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BB action figures instead! I would buy them all!

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I’m still sitting on this plushie swarmer filled with candy smarmers idea…


Ditto! Though Toby is still top on my plush-list, already crafted a penguin once so it should be possible.

Actionfigures = HUUUGE pretty please GBX!!! I´d love Orendi or Rath figures :heart:

Also: 6-month necro, impressive.


Mellka Pop! vinyl please :cry:

If we have to settle for Pop Vinyls I’ll take it (as I did with the Borderlands ones) but I would rather have, you know, good merchandise.

Is there something sinister about them I should know? I just think they’re really cute

Eh I just don’t like them that much. The paint chips and rubs off easily and they’re really restricted by their style. The Borderlands ones are cartoony enough to work, but most of them all just look like a dude with brown hair in a suit to me.

I have never seen a Claptrap Pop or Keychain of theirs that doesn’t have smudged or worn paint, even brand new in the box, and the Pinky and the Brain/Animaniacs ones they released recently are monstrosities. They’re inexpensive, but I would gladly pay $10 more for just a bit better quality.

I much prefer those “Die Cast” statues to Pop Vinyls.

Hehe, each to their own. I’d actually rather have a cheap, smudgy, battered plasticky cutie Mellka than a high-quality die cast realistic statue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic, the Gearbox store is getting revamped, so hopefully we see some Battleborn stuff.


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