Battleborn Merch?

I see Battleborn merch exists. Where can I buy some? I have much money.

A bunch was given away at PAX Prime, not sure where you can buy it though other than eBay.

We’re working with our partners at ThinkGeek/Treehouse to get some merch up in the Official Gearbox Store. Currently no ETA, but it’s in the works!

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I´d love to craft something official oneday, but until then I´ll continue crafting my own Battleborn merch^^

Just a stupid question @Jeffybug - are you hiring people for such projects or do you already have partners piling up to the ceiling?

Though I´d definately buy a official Miko-parasol, that would be amazing!!! Oh god I have to paint me a Miko-parasol! - runs away

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“Grow your own Miko! - the starter pack”
Includes 10 genetically mutated spores sacks.

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AMAZING!!! I´d buy that at an instance lol

I know this is an old thread, but I’m really itching for some collectable stuff, and I wasn’t able to nab the box figurine set when it was available for a reasonable price.

Now that it’s half a year later, do we have an ETA on either when more merch is coming, or when the figurines will be restocked.

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