Battleborn Myer Briggs Personalities

I thought it’d be fun (for those who know what this even is) to ask what you guys think each Batteborn’s Myer Brigg Personality is? For instance I think Galilea is a ISFJ. I think Deande is an INFJ. I think Alani is an INFP. I think Kid Ultra is an adorable ENFP. Pendles is an ISTP. These are just characters that I was intimate enough with to analyze. What do you guys think about for the personalities of our Battleborn?

Edit: This might help.


What on earth are you talking about?


Just for some clarification what the OP talks about.


Yeeeep. What he said.


Haha… I’m confused as well; it’s the animated pictures. IS this a legit psychological evaluation of some sort?


Not really. Its not very reliable and this system has many flaws. Nonetheless its used very often, regardless of its flaws.

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Well this post is going nowhere fast. lol Nevermind.

Apparently add lior to the list.
If I knew more about this system I would make accurate judgements, but I do not, so I will abstain

Now I feel bad >.< did´nt ent to diss your topic in any way…

Maybe the MB-system is just a bit complicated at first glance…What about the classic D&D system?


Hmm. Just from reading the Wikipedia page and the image you put up, I’d probably have to put Rath as an easy ISTJ. Alani is probably an INFJ.

Also having played a lot of Ernest recently I can definitely say he is ENTJ as hell.


A Futurama one! Thanks! @Lior55, i’m good now.

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Oh man, this brings back memories. I was always a dead-set Chaotic Good back in the day. (Swashbuckler class, if anyone’s interested) Let’s see then:

  • Ernest is Chaotic Good
  • Orendi is CHAOTIC EVIL
  • Whiskey Foxtrot is Lawful Evil
  • Kleese is just a dick
  • ISIC is (you guessed it) Chaotic Evil
  • Mellka is Chaotic Good
  • Ghalt is Neutral Good
  • Montana is Neutral Good
  • Oscar Mike is Neutral Good (so are most of the Peacekeepers)

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I was trying to do Galilea but she’s kind of hard to place.


The peacekeepers are lawful good, ISIC I think deserves his own section, for it is both lawful and chaotic isn’t it

How is ernest chaotic good he is lawful good


Nope. He’s only Lawful because Kleese will destroy him if he does anything else.

Ernest is Chaotic Good because he follows the Good alignment, but uses rather unorthodox ways of doing this (explosions). Likewise, Benedict is Chaotic Good because he blows stuff up just for the hell of it, but his intentions are for the greater good.

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Argh, now I derailed a thread…Uhm…err…my previous post never happenend, back on topic! :heart:


I think I personally am INFJ.

I know I’m one of the very rare, creative types.

We took the test in my Organizational Behaviour class last year.

I’ll have to retake it!

Great post!


INTP in a family of INTJs. I’m the only one with an open mind (help me please?)

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Okay, SO… After giving this system a LOT more critical thinking than i’m usually known to give, i have confirmed the following:

Me: Take all but the last sentence of ESTP, mix in a healthy portion of the last sentence of ESFP and the first sentence from ISTP, and sprinkle on a moderate portion of the last sentence of ISFP… And that’s as close to me as you’re going to get.

Futurama-wise, take Fry’s carefree, lazy personality, mix in Zapp’s ignorance and general f**ck-uppery, and there you go.

Toby: ISFP, all the way.

ENTP sounds like a certain Benedict lover and a certain Mellka lover that i know…

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Okay, back to the Myer Briggs system then.

  • Montana is ESTP.
  • Ghalt is ESTJ.
  • Whiskey Foxtrot is ESTP.
  • Kleese is still a dick.
  • Toby is ISFP.
  • Galilea is INTP (interesting)

I personally am prooooobably ISTP, with pretty hefty chunk of ESTJ in there depending on how much alcohol or coffee I’ve had. I dunno though. Damn, self-assessment is hard.


“Self-assessment is hard.”

No, it’s not! Just do what most people do, and completely ignore your faults, while also twisting your self-image however you want with: