Battleborn needed to bloom

Multiplayers need to have all chars unlockt. this is a shooter in shooter you just whant to go in to the game pick ther char you like and play it. kill time while you kill stuff becuse thats a fun way to unvine and reales alot of stress. the problem as i see it is that in order to be abel to play whant char you whant you need to unlock them. i mean need to get to lvl 40 command lvl just to be abel to pick the char you seem like the most fun. grind to have fun. sure stor is fine and nice and all but, mostly you get a shooter for the simpel resons that its is to get in to. but not this game. i am a father now and dont have the time i would like to play games and this grind to be abel to play the char i like kills if for me. and i think for alot of main stream players. this game has awsome char with fun abilitys but it take to long to unlock and honestly most peopel dont whant to grind in this typ of game. most people dont whant to grind at all. plz voice you opinion about unlocking chars to save multiplayers mode. i mean atlist reales a swift cod that give all players atlist 2 keys so they can unluck and play the game right away with the char they like. i mean grind with at char you dont like the unlock the one you do like thats i my eyes is crule.

The Seasons pass gives you keys… if you don’t spend them fir Alani, Pendles or Ernest you can unlock other characters early. Once you reach the necessary Rank or Requirement for the character, you get it back and can use it for another character.

Only Alani, Pendles and Ernest can only be unlocked with Credits or the key, so once you use the key its gone. But with the next 2 characters you get the next two keys.

I’m fine with character unlocking as it is, but I can see people want to play right away with other chars.

I was Pretty lucky that most of my favorite characters were already unlocked from the start, but the grind felt a lot more Rewarding while I still had characters to unlock. If there would be nothing left to unlock, I’d probably lose interest in the game quickly.


I love unlocking characters. It adds a lot of fun. And, by playing through story missions, you can unlock every character by about rank 25

yes i dont realy minde it but hay. multiplayer is dead as it is and thos who like the game as it is are here on the forum staing activ this is not for thos who alredy like the game. this is to bring in more player as making the multiplayer more alive. i have tryed 3 times sens i got the game to get i to a multiplayer game but honestly it takes to long. what i mean is give a swift cod that all players can atlist unlock 2 chars that way thos with no pasions can play the ones they like and multiplayer is more alive for the rest of us

Well, multiplayer is actually well and alive on console. PC… this wouldn’t make a difference. But seriously, it appears you just heard the doom and gloom, not the part where you can get matches quite easily on console


Ya i am a PC guy and i whant the PC to go good dont realy help me that it
works good on console good for you tho

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At this point I’m all for having the characters all be unlocked for new players, right now there are so many disadvantages for new players because of how split the player base is (Most of the player base is either new players sub 40 CR or 100 CR players), not having access to all the characters when the majority of the player base does is a huge disadvantage in this game. New players can’t test out many of these characters for quite some time and that means they may not be able to find a counter for a character they don’t have access to.

Unlocking characters was fun for me too at the begining of the game, but what would be fun now is to have as few walls as possible so that the game is more “new player” friendly so we can increase our player base.

Unlocking characters is neat, but in light of the struggles of this game its bad.

Characters should unlock much more quickly. I really enjoyed playing Melka in the prologue and was astonished and dismayed that she was not playable from the get go.

This game is made mediocre by these kinds of choices. It could be great.




Isn’t it 40?

By carefully playing through advanced and normal, each mission in a row, you can get all of the people from story mission, Attikuss kill Jennerit one, and hit roughly 25 getting the early ones, and successfully get every one. That’s what I did

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Oh, like challenge unlocks versus Command Rank unlocks?


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This is whats happens when you miss label a game…

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You can unlock every character in the span of a week, if that really. It’s not that much of a hassle. Plus I don’t see how unlocking more characters faster would save multiplayer. It may give a little spice of variety but that’s it

I don’t actually understand how having to unlock some characters have something to do with being anable to countering some chars. I mean, noobs gain XP by actually testing possessed simple characters and this way unlocking advanced characters for testing. Gradual learning experience. Thats 1.
2. You don’t actually pick a character according to who is whose counter. How in Earth would you be able to predict enemy team composition?
3. Countering thingy relies heavily on a temwork in Battleborn and less on specific skills and …well, Battleborn. Besides one got access to all necessary data: got Battleborn Helix and skills descriptions, and meets those Bb in a field, so… first world problems.

PS Now that ppl start complaining about being forced to (by who?) unlocking characters I expect whining about character levelling next, or even about MOBA elements of a game. I know we’re short on players but there got to be some boundaries. Casuals these days.

Casual gamers are the exact gamers gearbox need to focus on at this point if they want to grow the population. Everyone that is currently playing at max level are probably thet only hardcore players battleborn are going to have, and we have been complaining about ■■■■■■ matchmaking so…
We need to add players so we can have a better overall experience.

Casual gamers dont tend to spend as much time in a game, so if say someone purchased the game in hopes of playing 1 character that isnt unlocked they now have to play a character that wouldnt be as much fun as the character they bought the game for. Also sonce they play the game much less than hardcore gamers it is going to take them longer than a week to unlock the character they want to play. If it takes them too long or the challenge is too hard, why keep playing a game where you cant play the character? So they quit.

Case in point is the op of the thread, he is a new player and will quit the game because he cant play who he wants.

I would like battleborn to grow to a more sustainable player base, taking out walls that make people quit the game would help that.

You can complain all you want about casual gamers, but they are the player base we are missing in battleborn and we need them. If you want to continue to have wait times that seem to get longer every week then fine dont do anything.

I do agree that if it will help bring new players in and expand fhe player base, the entire character roster shouid be available right off the bat.



Sure, why not? ANYTHING to keep the playerbase acceptably stable at this point.

I keep suggesting “free hat”, but it doesn’t seem to interest anyone…



Hey, you changed your AVI, hi Tobester!

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Nope, @Kitty_Jo did that for me; she did @cadecampbell’s too, as there was apparently a lot of confusion because of our identical icons. As well as a conspiracy that we are the same person on two accounts. Bunk, i say; pure BUNK! If i was crafty enough to set up two accounts, i think i’d be crafty enough to change the icons.

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