Battleborn needs a free trial at least PLEASE READ

I want to start out by saying how much I love this game and how much I want to see it succeed and flourish. This game needs a free trial badly. I know a bunch of people who would buy it if they could try it. Overwatch does not deserve the kind of player base it has and yet it still overshadows Battleborn. The player base on Overwatch is tired and looking for a new game. Battleborn is a perfect replacement. Yes it has many differences but it also has similarities and feels similar. I know many people disagree with this but I know people who have said the same as me. I know of at least 4 players who would buy Battleborn if you could just release a free trial. I know they would love Battleborn and buy it if they could just try it. I keep hearing about a free trial but it still isnt here. Or even a free play days would work. Please release a free trial soon before new titles and Overwatch completely ruin it’s chances of survival. AND PLEASE DONT RESPOND TO SAY HOW OVERWATCH IS NOTHING LIKE BATTLEBORN THIS IS YOUR OPINION AND IS OFFERING NOTHING TO THE CONVERSATION

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overwatch players hate battleborn and refuse to try it due to the competition between the two at launch, so its a moot point.

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Haha, you’re definitely not wrong here. Expecially when they have confirmed they’re working on one that’ll appear eventually

If they’re going to release one, I think they intend to do it right. Can’t give the wrong first inpression, we all know how that goes

Considering how large their base is, not all of them are blizzard fan boys who jumped on the hate train. And, some might have a MOBA background and are looking for a fast paced hybrid with a soft levelling and gear mechanic

While I don’t think they are all that similar, they’ve been pitted against each other and compared so often that it’s a moot point. It’s had irreversible effects that have impacted more than we know.

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Considering the price of the game currently, a free trial seems…idk, unnecessary and redundant. I saw it on sale for $9.96

i.e. cheaper than a combo at McDonalds

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I just remembered this thread is about free trials and 3/4 of the comments here have been about enjoyably random things

It’s coming OP, I don’t think any discussion would speed it up, but we can discuss what would be in it. What would you like?

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The “Free Trial” Randy Pitchford revealed back in September 2016 will be coming after all DLC is released. There are only two pieces of DLC remaining: Supercharge, the new PvP mode, and Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar, the final story operation.

All of us are anxiously awaiting the free trial to become available because we play this AMAZING game every day and want more people to play with us. The PS4 and XB1 versions are $10 at some retailers and there are still people who are holding out, probably fearful of the servers being shuttered after the DLC is out. There appears to be surprisingly large amount of interest in the game but what we often see and hear is “I would play if there were more players.” Enter the Catch-22 we have endured since launch: people will play if more people played… and no one wants to go first. The game is as close to being free as it can possibly be on console but the problem is PC.

PC players overwhelmingly purchase their games digitally so a cheap physical copy gets 33.3% of players by platform nowhere. With the free trial being available as a digital download on all platforms, Battleborn will soon see an influx of new players. The community has discussed every possible “free” version of the game countless times and countless places. Further discussion won’t make it happen any faster unfortunately.

The free trial is coming so please, let us all push this to the forefront of the discussion. No more “Battleborn should be F2P” or “Battleborn should have a free weekend.” Those decisions are made by people with data and years of experience in the industry, not people on forums frustrated by circumstances beyond their individual control looking for a solution derived from the approach another game took when it was faced with unusually dire circumstances. If we all do our research, take a step back, and trust Gearbox & 2K are doing the very best they can to give Battleborn a second chance, we can all contribute to when that day comes. Let’s be supportive of our community and each other by preparing now.


Ok people its still 60 dollars on Xbox One so it would make sense to have a free trial. Where are you seeing it for 9 dollars? Steam? All games are cheap on Steam. We neeed a free trial on CONSOLES.

This is such ■■■■■■■■. This is a great example of the hate on this forum. Stop assuming all Overwatch players are the same. I play both and like Battleborn more. I have explained the game to my friends who play Overwatch and most of them said they intend on getting it. STOP BEING APART OF THE PROBLEM. WELCOME PEOPLE DONT SHUN THEM.


Ok the problem with this is most gamers buy games through the Xbox Store not retailers. Some people I know don’t even have a retailer close to them.

Im gonna post what I want you guys can ban me if I’m such a big problem. All I wanted was to say how much we need a trial to increase player base that’s it. I love how if you have a slightly different opinion than most on game forums they always single you out. And you guys wonder why more people dont use game forums:laughing:


When ppl in tumbler, youtube, twitter and twitch talk ■■■■ about the game you like and bring overwatch all the time, is hard to not think that way.

Sometimes it feels like Blizzard pay them to trash talk and anyone new to battleborn try to get some info of the game, he/she gets swarmed by ow fans and tell 100 reasons to dont even try bb even tho they have never tried bb.

None here is goin to ban you unless you are unrespectful, thats basically the only real reason to ban someone in this forums.

Everyone here has been very kind and patient, that dosent mean they need to agree with you, but be polite and patient. Devs work rly hard with the community (like i have never seen before), they answear pm a lot if they are allowed (they cant discuss some topics).

I have overwatch and i try to be active in their forums. Those forums are the hell, everyone downvote, troll and a small % is nice. Devs dont participate a lot and have a lot more balance isseus than bb (currently).

Tank meta vs stun meta.

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^ This right here is the thing i don’t understand about the free trial debate. If someone really is that interested in the game, is sub - 10.00 really that much of an asking price or a large investment of money?