Battleborn Needs A Training Room?

Well not training room cause some of you will say that’s what the private matches are for but more or less a tutorial on each player and how they play.
Like at the each of each multiplayer match you have a brief video explaining the game mode and what you need to do.
Kinda like that. Cause like for instance I was playing Mike and had no idea on how to heal my teammates, turns out is was the left trigger.
Lol go figure.
But each character needs a more in depth description about who they are and what they do.
Like Attikus is a brawler, Mike is a healer, Montana is a tank, Marcus is a sniper etc.
It would save the guess work when playing the characters in my opinion. You just the small things that could be possibly fixed to make playing someone new more exciting.


Think in lieu of a “Training Room” that is what the COMMAND menu/option is for. States all the characters primary & secondary options and obviously can go through each one’s Helix

Had Something about a training room for melee, ranged Battleborn

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Yes something like that. And on the ship they have like cardboard cut outs or that they captured some of the enemys and you can use they as target practice to test out your skills.
That would be alot easier so you can see which tree you favor more and which is a better combo to use against the enemy.


So it would be a place just to meet and hang out with other Battleborn? Count me in. would be nice to just have a place where you can meet others.

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Unlockable enemies and AI battleborn to fight on your choice of any of the unlockable environments for your tricked out holodeck training room! Hooray! This! I wanna build something! The social area sounds rad too, but that might be reaching. Sounds like new netcode territory. There be monsters there.

Actually, OP, I found this thread while typing a suggestion for exactly a TRAINING ROOM.

And if you say ‘Private Match’, you don’t get what I’m saying.

First, I need a basic, let’s say, obstacle course movement training scenario that can be repeated, timed. Basic movement, including jump pads and whatnot. Maybe.

Then, we need melee punching bag dummies. And starting here, I need every ‘dummy’ target to still pop up the damage pips, so I know what my current build is putting out.

And then, we need shooting range. Close, medium, far. Just various minions. Some moving, some stationary. Cover available to fire from. Again, damage pips, and maybe a total damage calculation pops up after X time or something.

And finally, a ‘Combat Course’ to bring it all together, with a relatively simple scenario including combat at multiple ranges and some minor challenge to move from A to B, before facing off against a watered-down sentry or Elite or something.

And here’s the kicker. I need a start/respawn point, at which I can select a different gear loadout, clear my helix selections, START the whole thing with some or all of my helix filled-in (at least those available to my toon at its current level), and so on. Basically, I need to be able to test out my loadouts without actually dropping live, whether public or private, and …


That last part is gonna put a bug up someone’s backside. Don’t care. The single biggest reason why I waited and paid half price, really the only reason, was that there was exactly ZERO game content not dependent on a stable internet connection, and even relatively minor latency problems caused nearly unplayable stutter and teleporting. That’s why I waited for the Steam Summer Sale to buy Battleborn, despite LOVING the CTT and OB. So yeah, I said it.

And that offline thing heavily implies that there be ZERO XP, score, or loot reward available for anything done in the training room. NONE, you hear me?! Not an achievement. Not a title or badge. Not a skin. Nothing more than a verbal and sarcastic pat-on-the-back by Nova or Kleese or Ghalt. THAT’S IT.

I want to be able to test out builds/loadouts without having to take them live, even just to get an idea of how they’ll perform and what their strengths and weaknesses might be. And really, something to keep me busy when, like last night, a badass thunderstorm plays games with the connection speed (which had me stuck standing still during the stairs fight in Void’s Edge for a good four or five minutes, with Wolf getting his junk pushed in by a horde of Varelsi weaklings).

Am I asking too much? Probably. Don’t care. It’s just a suggestion. I’ll keep playing the s**t out of the game, with or without the feature.

Carry on.

I also wholeheartedly support the idea of a Training Room, especially if it can be used to test the viability of loadouts.

How about a sprint track, where we can test exactly how much extra movement speed we’re covering by comparing it to the character’s default movement?

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