Battleborn needs to do something now

Theres nothing wrong with having a low playerbase but when its so low that i have to wait a hour to find a game this is unacceptable. There are numbers to prove this
I dont know the situation regarding consoles but if you dont do something like releasing a patch for pc early, players are just gonna keep dropping which it has been doing steadily and it hasnt stopped yet.
I get that you want it to be fair so why cant the patch just contain fixes but no content as a compromise.
Eventually what I have suggested will become neccesary but by then im afraid it will be to late.There is so much competiton on pc that if your not releasing patches fast, other games will in your place, please dont wait till the playerbase starts to average 2000 or worse. I do not understand why your releasing the content patch on the same day as overwatch do you want them to steal your thunder again.

Waiting 10 minutes for a “insufficient players” massage instead of a start screen right now, it takes less time to wait for someone that tells me all is fine with the game in the forum.

Whether its just patches with only fixs like fixing sentry cheesing,Free weekend on steam, or a demo. I think it might help to get more players which it badly needs, just do something.

There are definatly issues.
And while there are some issues with the actual game right now, that isn’t why BB is doing poorly.

People so often point at Overwatch for the reason battleborn isnt doing well because they’re in the same genre of hero shooter and obviously people are gonna run the hype train for a Blizzard game.
But lets just look around at all the other things, for some reason this is the time a LOT of games are coming out…
Doom is hogging a lot of players, Overwatch, Far Harbor (1st Fallout 4 dlc expansion), Total War WarHammer, and Homefront…

Lets be real here, thats one of the problems.
The gearbox marketing team was pretty much non existant for Battleborn.

The game got no publicity, infact if it wasnt for TotalBiscuit and the Gearbox name i wouldn’t have known this game existed.

I don’t want the game to die, and I think the community is the only way the game is gonna stay afloat untill it gets more notice after the Ocean of INSANLY anticipated games i listed above settle down.

On the note of how I learned about this game, I remember distinctly I found it April 2nd, because I got the months mixed up and thought the game was releasing the next day.
And I found it because TB released a video talking about it and it seemed like the kind of game I needed where i could get competative if I wanted but also casually pick up and play whenever I want.
And I’ve needed that kind of game for a while, so here’s to hoping the game will develop a better community.

I also wanted to add that there is a lot of confusion surrounding the game, and I know since i’ve talked with friends who had this misconception.
Many people, due to poor advertising, think this is an online game like overwatch with only pvp, and think the price tage on BB is outragous for a pvp game, not knowing theres a decently fleshed out campaign with some good ol gearbox comedy.

The game has a lot of failures, but few of them have to do with the game itself

Double XP weekend and a free char next week after just 2 weeks released is “doing something”, not? xD


They already said that they wont do that so this is really like talking to do the wind.
Lets face it, they made a choice and their choice was to focus their efforts on the consoles, that’s fine and a valid business decision but they could just go and say it already instead of always giving us political correct PR fluff “we treat all platforms the same”.
I’ve already stopped playing and ill probably only pickup it up again next week to check the patch and see if they actually change anything other than what these meaningless hotfixes have done so far.
Too bad this could be a great game but dumb decisions like this…
Even the TPS fiasco was good enough for me to “waste” more than 300h on it, with BB it seems it wont even teach 1/3 of that, wich for a mainly MP game is really poor.

It took only 16 days for Battleborn to fall from a full price AAA title down to the level of a free to play early aces beta of DirtyBomb.,333930#7d

Still they refuse to make real patches for the pc community and announce the new “free” hero for more credits that you make in 50 hours, its like watching the us presidential campaign, you can clearly see the terrifying end but all the people around you cheer and march forward.

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OK seriously what platform are you guys on. Im on the Xbone and I have yet to wait more than 5 minutes looking for matches. PC has server issues sure that much I have gotten. but everyone just keeps complaining about everything how are people getting these hour long wait times when I never have even hit a more than 5 minutes wait like jesus christ. Maybe its you guys not the game.


You just managed to complain in the same post that
-GBX needs to do something to have players play more this game because the number of active player is too low on PC.
-GBX is doing something that will require peoples to play more in the following weeks in order to have the new character unlocked. There’s also the free XP week that will rewards those actually choosing to play more, too.

hmmm… How should I put it. You’re complaining about something and then complaining about them doing something to solve what you’re complaining about. Then if you don’t mind I’m going to complain that you’re complaining about them doing something to solve what you’re complaining about.
If you mind, feel free to complain about it :].

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So why not make it 100, or even better 1000 hours to unlock the new heroes, by your logic this would solve everything and the game would be full of happy players.

I agree the idea of purchasing a character is less appealing that lvl unlocks or challenges. But they prob did it this way for other reasons like the fact that most of the challenges that they would make us do has been completed by everyone who actually plays the game or that they wanted everyone to have a fair shot at it right away or promoting the season pass

It all makes sense to me why does it not make sense to you.

Because there’s a good value for everything. If the baker don’t make his customer pay for the bread he makes, he won’t be able to continue making bread because he won’t have any money to continue running his shop. But if he charges 1,000 dollars one bread, no one is going to spend that much either. 47k is easily achievable. 100 hours or 1000hours are too much.

every challenge completion gives you credits. just want to help strengthen your argument.

We don’t need another thread on this issue. Please, look around a little before hitting the ‘new topic’ button and they to find an existing thread that your opinion could fit into.