Battleborn New Patch Bugs

The new Battleborn patch feels AMAZING! I love the way the game is, but there are some things that I just can’t help notice are unbalanced in the game with the characters, or just a game error in general.

1 - After completeing a game on some maps, we’ll try to aim for a Gold medal and at the end we’ll get no points. I don’t know what that issue is or why it happens but hopefully this can be fixed soon.
2 - Ambra deals WAY too much damage as a support character AND she is extremely difficult to kill. To start off, she has full health and a shield. After you take her shield out, you start to reduce her health. When her health drops to a certain point, she gets ANOTHER shield that needs to be taken away before you can reduce her health down to zero. Keep in mind, her hit box is small and she’s hard to eliminate in the first place when online players can reduce your health with sunspots as well as heal herself at the same time AND they’re constantly jumping around making her even tougher to hit. The only thing I suggest it to at least take away her 2nd shield or increase her damage intake. It doesn’t quite seem to make sense to me that in a one on one fight, Ambra can take on a Shayne & Aurox by herself and win.
3 - Kelvin’s health drops way too quickly. As a character he’s completely fine but out of all the tanks, he feels like the easiest one to finish off. He’s an Eldrid and none of the Eldrids have shields, I get that. What I don’t understand is why it is I can eliminate him so fast. Boldur is tougher to finish than Kelvin is. If Kelvin is a defender, then I think he should at least give more of a challenge to the other team. I suggest maybe more health, or making him do more damage because he is a brawler.
4 - Toby’s utimate move take too long to start up AND can be blocked by Galilea or Boldur’s shield? Having to complete the lore of getting a double elimination online is REALLY tough and Boldur is hard enough to kill. Toby’s ultimate should have SOME shield penetration because Toby is also easy to eliminate. His shield ability gets drained so quickly as a defender and if the other team is a melee character they can just run through the shield and bbeat him up no problem. His helix to add slow to his shield means almost nothing because Toby as a character himself is slow. I’d like to see Toby’s shield have better health before even getting the helix to increase it, if not, PLEASE reduce the startup frames on his ultimate ability. I’ve been killed a LOT and having to wait the entire cooldown to get my ultimate again because I died while he says "Pew pew, pew pew pew!"
5 - Miko’s self healing and heals other characters too slowly, on top of that, Miko’s healing beam doesn’t reach that far to the left or right. Ambra’s streams can reach to the enemy players MUCH BETTER than Miko’s healing streams can reach its allies. Ambra can jump around and strafe while still attacking the enemy players. With Miko, if your ally goes a little off to the left, you cannot heal them anymore. If Miko isn’t going to heal your allies faster, might I suggest his healing stream reach them better?
6 - Caldarius is a LOT of fun. I love everything about the character except for one thing… I truly hate that I cannot activate his ultimate ability indoors. It feels like because of that he’s at such a HUGE disadvantage compared to everyone else because all the other characters can use their ultimate moves wherever they are. On top of that, when you accidentally use his ultimate indoors, you have a cooldown time to wait even though it wasn’t executed.
7 - Pendles is a near perfect character in my opinion. Sneaky, well coordinated and fun to play I don’t really have many things on him I dislike, but it seems a bit unfair that he can stay invisible even after getting hit. Since he can be invisible 99% of the time anyway, why can we never knock him out of it? If he’s invisible and standing on a point or attacking a sentry, we don’t know what’s going on. All we know is that we’re losing. If we attack him and get him to reveal his position, it’d be more fair on both sides because when the characters in this game are invisible, not even the A.I can detect them.
8 - Shields. May it be a Thrall Brute, Boldur’s shield or Galilea’s shield, it makes no sense as to why a character’s ultimate like Foxtrot, Toby, Isic, Benedict or any character that has an ultimate that fires out of their gun, it should do some shield penetration to that character. So many times I have activated my Whiskey ultimate and wasted it on a damn Thrall Brute shield or Boldur’s shield. The ultimate moves should not be blocked completely because then its a waste of an ultimate.

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I agree with some of these, disagree with others, and others are known.
1- Put in a ticket
2. I 100% AGREE!!!
3. Kelvin gets health bonuses with chomp kills, so you just need to get more minions with chomp.
4. Toby’s ult is fine although it should break shields quicker but Gali and Boulder should be able to block it. It’s not an instant kill, it’s powerful move.
5. Miko’s beam is fine the way it is, Ambra’s beam is way too long.
6. Agreed, need to fix this but I don’t know how.
7. Multiple characters have reveals that knock Pendles out of stealth. Some are high-level skills, some are level 1 or 2.
8. Shields have hitpoints themselves and can be broken although Boulder’s can become unbreakable. Ults do more damage, but shouldn’t go through a shield.

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Miko has the best single target healing in the game and with heal thyself he can heal himself rapidly too

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He has the best heals in the game. With Heal Thyself he’ll heal himself full from almost no health in seconds.

The Shayne got outplayed - Ambra is not able to take out a Shayne that actually knows how to play as her. And Shayne also has an Overshield. Whenever she wants it. And a 980+ shield. (Granted, not early game, but still) And 20% DMG reduction when it’s up. And a lot more CC than Ambra.
Ambra also has a really big critspot. Aim for that.

You can see him capping the point like any other character and he can’t attack the sentry while stealthed so? What’s the problem here?

His stealth is fine. It’s actually a little too weak - A Marquis will remove him from the game completely as he cannot enter the fight without being instantly revealed.

Physical shields are fine. They were all nerfed with the update. And Thrall shields don’t block their heads or feet. Boomsday also has a huge AOE explosion - aim behind a blocking character, instead of crashing into their shield,
And ISIC definitely doesn’t need any sort of dmg buff.

I think Toby’s ultimate is fine - The damage will melt even beefier characters. Maybe allow him to use his boosters while ULTing? That would be fun. And terrifying.
His reliance on that weak ass shield is dumb though, I agree. I’m just afraid that buffing the shield health might make it too powerful. If they nerf/rework his lore legendary they could think about buffing his other aspects. But as long as he has a 4 second stun he doesn’t deserve buffs.


Not anymore. Since the Patch his level 10 makes his life regen more effective, so no more unbreakable Boldur.

I did not know that, thanks. I am just happy he is weaker.

He is not… He got a better early game and a good late game…

He may be better early game, but his stun is a lot weaker, not being able to stun two characters into each other, and he can be killed. I say that is weaker.

Only your first point is relative to this patch, the rest have been around since the last one and some the one before last.

On Ambra, she hates CC, as does anyone but she really hates it. A silence means she can’t throw down a spot for a few seconds, which can make the difference. Stun her as her overshield activates and she’s not going anywhere. Hit her with a high DPS like Phoebe and she’s nothing. She’s strong, but not the problem some seem to think she is.

On Pendles, shortly after his release Orendi got a buff to her reveal and Whiskey was granted one as well, Marquis completely shuts him down with revealing owls and Ambra has two reveals, one at level 1. Pendles is easily shut down and easily killed, if your composition can’t handle him then that’s just tough, but there are several ways of dealing with him.

Miko was nerfed long ago because his healing was deemed to be too efficient, he was almost a staple on any team, particularly on Incursion. Despite that he still has the best single target healing in the game, Alani’s a burst healer and Ambra’s a spot healer but before Miko’s nerf he was superior as a healer in every way, each healer plays a specific role and since his nerf Miko is no longer the immediate go-to healer, he is near perfect as is.

The shield problem is simply, don’t shoot shields. Thrall brutes can still be shot in the head while they have their shields up, and you can circle-strafe Boldur and Gali or lay an AoE behind them, among other strategies. Shoot around shields not at them, if you waste your ult on a physical shield that’s your fault, not the shield’s fault.

[quote=“thepunisher026, post:1, topic:1548766, full:true”]
6 - Caldarius is a LOT of fun. I love everything about the character except for one thing… I truly hate that I cannot activate his ultimate ability indoors. It feels like because of that he’s at such a HUGE disadvantage compared to everyone else because all the other characters can use their ultimate moves wherever they are.[/quote]
Mike also cant use his airstrike if there is any kind of roof, at least not missles, he can use laser, but it is much less useful.

1- like @vegancookies5 said
2- seems like you have some problems besting ambra, suggest to try her she is not that op, dont let her set sunspot to heal and dmg you. Many ults can kill her with all and her overshield, god as Kelvin you can chomp her with all and overshield.

She has a big crit zone and many silly ambras dont use her alt fire, thats the real dangerous attack she had, her beam deals a little dmg. Instead of run, target her head and save your skills to destroy sunspot or negate her retreat.

3-kelvin shines in incursion and meltdown, you can stack a lot of hp and get shield every 5 seconds also you can eat in one chomp a low hp battleborn, they, it? He? Is more like a skirmisher,Controller, disruptor. His only downside is his crit zone is big and right infront, easy to target.

4-toby ult has that charging time, but is an amazing sniper when used correctly, and his ult deals a lot of dmg!! Pro tip: put your shield inside/behind a wall and get a tiny portiom to shot through.

5- build your gear around heal power and you can heal like 180 per tick, if your target has heal recive is even better. Now that you can get through friends is even easier to avoid dmg or block dmg for your tank.

6- well some ults are not as good as caldi’s you can get a fleeing target, use it to get into high places or get away. Deande ult also gets a cd when missed. I think that ult has to do with character design and he needs a high places to deal his dmg.
A solution would be: get 1-100% dmg depending on the altitude, it would still be crap indoors. You know what? I dont like it that way…

7 if pendless gets revealed is usless, must of the time he is not in the fight. He is behind trying to get low hp targets. His downside is leave your team while you destroy buildables and wait for low hp battleborns. With the new minion buff he needs a good skill lvl to be played.

8 if you know that your bullets dosent work vs phisical shields… Why would you waste wft bullets? You can stop and reposition yourself or focuse in other target.

  1. Yep. Decently large problem. They are aware and I would assume working on it.
  2. If you know how to deal with her, she’s easy. You just can’t give up. Ambra exploits your weakness, child.
  3. Kelvin can have more survivability than anyone in the game. His helix feels a bit uninnovative but he’s in a decent spot. Especially with the minion change.
  4. His ult compliments his territorial ability. It should not be used with low health. It is quite strong now, and so is he. He’s debatably too strong lol. I think he’s fine. Feast or famine, just like Kelvin.
  5. I’ve hit 200 hp per tick with his beam. That’s ridiculous. I don’t see why he needs a buff. And his beam is different from Ambra’s. It has higher heals than Ambra has damage.
  6. Oscar Mike and possibly Ambra also can not. How would he use it indoors? As extra damage? I prefer it this way. It hitting very small objects up high is an issue though.
  7. Several characters have reveals. And most importantly, if he’s in stealth he’s not doing anything. That’s what balances it. How he’s useless stealthed.
  8. Umm, don’t shields block bullets? Especially magical shields? I don’t see the problem here either. And just an FYI, I don’t think there’s a value for shield penetration in your sense. It typically refers to how much damage is dealt to health although the target still has a shield equipped. Useful for Galilea, S and A, and Kleese

Axe throw can do over 600 damage without skill gear. Are you happy with that?

Yea I am. I have played this game for over 400 hours and one of my buddy’s favorite is Boulder. So I have played with a lot of Boulders and against a lot of them as well, and I am happy I can kill him. I don’t care how much more damage he deals or how much health regen he gets, he is now mortal.

Shield, drain her to 75% health, oershield & speed boost, sunspots to self heal while chasing her & overextended stream to damage you. If you can get past all of that she’s dead. Guys, please. Read that a few times over. Also, with Boldur, the more I play him, the more insane he is. For me, he is the easiest character to get 20 kills in a game with.

I see what you guys mean with Kelvin. I was using him improperly the whole time. His chomp IS what makes up for the problem. Sorry about that. Finally, I forgot to mention that in Attikus & the Thrall Rebellion, Attikus will levitate in the sky for minutes and he’ll slam on the floor at random times I play through the mission. I’ll provide a clip if no one has seen it happen.

Errrr… Only the first point is actually a bug… Most of the remaining points are your personal opinion about balance. You can remove the “s” from the title, I guess.

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Not since the last patch. Now he can go from 25% health from blocking to 50%, but he’ll still generate heat and can lose his shield.

Thanks. Someone else mentioned this to me. I am just glad he is killable now.

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He was always killable, but it was a pita to do so and still is because he can now one-shot you if you’re not careful.

I have played a bunch of Boldurs in the many hours of play and I have a few thought. A bad player is still a bad player no matter how good the character is. Boldur’s skills/survivability/stun pre-patch in the right hands made him unkillable, regardless of items. Now post patch, he doesn’t have nearly the same survivability and the lack of collision stun is HUGE. I don’t care if he can one shot some characters, he isn’t the only character that can do that.