Battleborn Non-Competitive Multiplayer discussion belongs where?

Super frustrating matches last night. played an Incursion on Overgrowth. Me and four randoms. We lost 0 to 100. Not the frustrating part. I had 9 kills, Orendi had 3, Benedict 0, Oscar Mike 0, Freaking Beatrix 0. I was at 6 kills before anyone on the opposing team had 5, but after my teammates routinely threw themselves at the opposing team, they ended up with 37 kills. 37 kills that provided a lot of experience. There was no way I could hope to overcome teammates who were just throwing themselves into the enemy with apparent reckless abandon.

Most of the time, I play with randoms and the game is at least enjoyable. Somehow last night, I got stuck with 3 of the same people for all 3 Incursion matches. Lost them all, had 2 teammates who didn’t register 1 kill in 3 games. Super fun.


Mhh, I think topics regarding issues with teammates in PvP belong in this category too. They are part of the competitive match as much as the enemy team is.

Did you tried to talk to them over mic or send a message between games to encourage some tactics or strategies? I know some people won´t listen or even get aggressive when given advise, but in many occassions it can help to get on mic and try to get the team together.


:frowning: i got bad luck, on mic they can be racist and say a lot of â– â– â– â–  without a record.

Atleast on msg i have a proof of their behaviour.


When you get to a certain skill level, sounds like you’re there, it becomes pointless to play solo since all you see is how bad your teammates are doing and how much that Miko didn’t heal or how little damage the Orendi on your team dealt. Choices are find more friends so you don’t have to play solo which inevitably lead to you guys stomping a lot of teams but having the security to play against other groups and still have fun or just continue to solo queue and realize sometimes you’re just going to lose and there is nothing you can do about it.

Talking on the mic can certainly help but as @Ganjamira said some will react negatively or aggressively to your advice even if it’s presented in a calm and helpful manner. This game is best played with coordination though imo.


I actually lost a bots battle the other day. Two level 2 players in the team, one around 11 or so, then a mid-level and me. The mid-level went to sleep and the two level 2 players were trying to farm kills without any gear. Eventually, the level 2’s dropped out, leaving me and the level 11 to try and hold back the tide of increasingly tougher bots. Kudos to the level 11 for sticking it out to the bitter end, despite us both being badly overwhelmed by that point.

Only good news was that I racked up most of the minion kills for a daily challenge in that one match.


This happens a lot unfortunately :frowning: You some good ones though that are really interested and ask for tips, it’s always fun to talk to those guys.


Dissecting the mostly meaningless junk on the scoreboard (especially with no context) is not really a sign that you’re a good player.

You can join the arms race towards only running a fully mic-ed 5-man if you want but it’s not going to get you better games unless your definition of better games is “I win more!”

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Few days ago i was bored (i cant play bb for 2 weekd) so i decided to watch a stream.

Well that was probably what ppl call balanced match… Both teams were bad!

They reach lvl 9-10 in 15 minutes. Ppl died over and over in both teams…

I wonder if that is how ppl expect this game to be, or if that is how ir should be played.

They died over 10 times each player i think there is a word for my feeling “cringe”

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Stats don’t tell the full story obviously but as an example if I see a Miko in a 30 minute game of Incursion heal for 50k, I know from experience that Miko probably wasn’t healing enough.

I’m not going to humor the solo only players who hate on groups just because they group up discussion. This is a team game and I offered the obvious advice, there is nothing wrong with wanting to play solo but playing solo does increase the chance of having frustrating teammates and therefore frustrating games. 6/10 players doing their job poorly does not constitute a good game imo no matter what the final score was.


I don’t always rely on stats, and I have nothing against 5 man pre-mades. What I have issue with is two of my teammates in 3 matches not getting 1 single kill. And we didn’t go up against the best people. In 1 of the matches, me and 2 others managed to pull off 62 to 50 score. But Beatrix (the same player over all 3 matches as Beatrix) had no kills.

Suddenly my belief that Beatrix needs to be debuffed was called into question…

That is… odd. What about their other stats though? Assists? Healing? Minion kills? Buildables? Were they at least doing something towards advancing the objective? Because if the Beatrix player is holding the back line while sniping, but the attackers are doing a good job of keeping opposing BB on the defensive, they might not have had a whole lot of opportunity (depending on mode and map) to rack up kills anyway.

2 assists in 1 game, 1 assist in another, 4 assists in their best game. About half the damage I did as Phoebe or El Dragon. When I saw her, she was hoping around a lot but not really much else. A single white gear active.

It was like she was a lemming and just ran to her death, over and over and over.

Well I for one can’t criticize - been there, done that. :lemming:

The team was evidently Oscar, Beatrix, Benedict and Orendi plus one other?

It is not at all surprising that it didn’t function well with that comp in Incursion, especially if one or more of them were new players…I don’t really understand the need to even talk about kills or assists. That is pretty much a loss at character select IMO.


Sometimes kids play games :confused:

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There are some pretty young kids playing Battleborn, to judge from the squeaky voices just before I mute them. (No, I do not want to listen to your potty mouth rantings. Or your sound effects. Or your dubious choice in what you laughably call music. Now GET OFF MY LAWN!!!)]

Edit: I forgot the ones who don’t have their mic plugged in properly, or it’s just plain broken, and all you hear is the sound of a monster buzz saw.

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My 11 year old plays. He averages 4-10 kills a map.

I was the one other. Phoebe. The Oscar started on KU, then changed last second for some reason.

But he plays/learn with you. Is not the same to learn with a coach than alone.

Some kids just like to have fun, that could be use beatrix and jump trying to hear all the sounds she make.


Still, not 1 kill? She has tracking shots that auto hit…