Battleborn of Many Masks challenge bug

I believe the challenge for the title “Battleborn of Many Masks” is bugged. I have won 12 matches out of 14 matches I’ve played, but I have turned in 200+ Masks per game even on a lost game.

This is my progress on the post game statistics screen which shows 200 Masks turned in, but there is no update on the challenge.

Checking all pages shows that it is stuck at 6 instead of 14.

I’ve noticed the last three matches I’ve played haven’t updated the challenge on the post game nor the career page, as well.

Just ran one and it updated to 7 this time.


Profile ID: 6868B559NP
Support ID: J386ZFNK

Did you put in a support ticket?

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Not yet, on it now! Thank you =)

Edit: Ticket submitted

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I thought you had to turn in 200 masks like… at the same time…

If it’s just 200 over the match that certainly makes it easier for me hahaha… Oh gosh.

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I believe ginger thought the same but now it’s clear that’s not the case lol

It turns out the “God Hunter” title challenge is also stuck. Killed him 6 or more times and it’s stuck at 2. Updated the ticket with a match ID on the last match with him in it.

Are you sure it was Mi’zigi and not just the Devourer?

Otherwise I wonder what’s making all these challenges get stuck… Sigh, I hope all of them aren’t.

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Oh yeah, I’m positive it was him. Both teams focused him so fast it was nuts, lol!

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Killed him three more times, once in three matches, then the enemy surrendered. Challenge did not update

Sometimes if you deposit last (to score the win) the masks don’t count for some reason.

I got the title a while back and always made sure to get my 200 in one go and before it would win the game.

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I’ve been doing that from the get go with a 3-5 man letting me turn in 200+ before anyone else turns in. It seems to be updating more here lately! 13 or so more to go!

As for God Hunter, it never counts if there is a surrender it seems.

Hmmm well godhunter is the specific titled boss named ‘Migzi the devourer’ as opposed to the regular boss titled ‘the devourer’ - are you taking that into account?

Mine didn’t tick when I killed Migzi once so perhaps that was the reason.

Yeah, it’s always him when I look for it to update. He has a blue glow when you first tele into his realm. Hard to miss that super long name, as well.