Battleborn Official SoundTrack

Will we be seeing a Battleborn OST release sometime soon?


That would be sweeeeeeet.

The music during the Sentinel is the best.

It’s hard to notice because the music is so low but this game actually has some really awesome tracks. Definitely would be interested in a soundtrack release.


i want this too.
I will give you my dollar dollar bills for it

October 2016 an still no Battleborn OST. They are losing money for sure!
I hope 2k has good reason behind, can’t figure out.
:rage: x2

I’ve been waiting for it to drop! Hopefully available on iTunes so I can nab it without a PC lol

Ah, bless U Ravioli for you have given me the access to a wonderfull world of Battleborn OST, including extra special Outskirts finish theme :]

I would only be interested in a Battleborn OST if every track was “The Montana Song.”

“Atop his tiny legs he comes, handing out ass-kickings to all his enemies- bums.”

Montana: “Oh, I like THIS.”


It would be pointless to make a new tread, so…

Has there been any official statement about OST?
For example Wildstar got OST release a year after games release. I think it was slightly rearranged to fit an album so I still hope to get Battleborn soundtrack too.

If a thread deserves necromancy, then this one! pls gearbox make it happen!!!

@JoeKGBX @Jythri


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No plans to do anything official at this point as far as I’m aware. I think our composer Raison puts up music on his Soundcloud page, so that might be worth a look.

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I can only recommend his Soundcloud-page, I use it frequently :heart: Lots of in-progres pieces and concepts too, which is very interesting.

Link to R.Varner´s Soundcloud

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10min Montana Song :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah there is some quality stuff up on Raison’s soundcloud.


Not to brag or anything but THIS IS THE GREATEST POST TO EVER BE POSTED!!!

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