Battleborn on Console Tracing Delay

I think That Battleborn has 0.5 second Tracing Delay and it really messed up people gameplay. Specially Marquis players because theres a delay on aiming. They need to Improved it. Because In PC theres no delay.


Really? I haven’t noticed. Except occasionally as Marquis but he’s the only hitscanner so I figure it’s just that

Marquis has an ads delay yeah.

I think the thing you are noticing is the fact his bullet seems to be a projectile, so you can indeed miss it.


It COULD BE lag on consoles, but on whiskey it is REALLY noticeable, so he may be right

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Yes Is annoying i want them to improve that its too difficult to play

I have tested and it isnt lag is the delay Is very VERY noticeable in shooter type Battleborn Like Oscar mike Whiskey and etc

Then suspicions were correct, I really hope they fix it @JoeKGBX you know anything about this

It may be a low framerate. On PC with framerate smoothing I get frame skips, but on all the other settings, say on 60 frames limit, it will keep all the frames but with delay instead.

…This make the most sense, reminds me of Valve’s problems getting elevators to work in MP.


It only works with mike and foxtrot weapons though, any bullet weapon not rapid fire does fine, I think it may just be a simple fix needed and not a frame problem (though the servers on xbone seem to have annoying “jolts” of lag)

I dont really notice it just figure its slow, but Does anyone’s Frame rate Die when Deande uses Holotwin?

Yes, the Deande holotwin “hiccup” bug drives me nuts. Whenever we see someone pick Deande now, we groan. I opened a support request about it (with video demonstrating it). They said they would “send the information to the team”.

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I know there are lots of performance upgrades coming in the Winter Update. We’ll keep an eye out to see if this is addressed by those fixes or not. At any rate, let me know if this persists past the update (when it comes out that is).


Isn’t Reyna also hitscan?

From what I’ve heard, no

Seems like she’d be.

I thought Laser Pistol=Hitscan and Plasma Pulse=Projectile?
The Laser Pistol sure feels like hitscan.

If you have to lead, its not hitscan. Marquis pistol is projectile. Caldarius is projectile. Marquis scope is hitscan. If laser pistol may be hitscan. I don’t personally think it is but I have no proof but a faint memory that only Marquis scope is and that’s not proof at all. There’s a high chance I’d be proven wrong. Is there a way to test?

I havent noticed this and Ive mastered Marquis a few months ago. If this is a recent concern I havent noticed it with either Kleese or Alani’s projectiles either. It has always been hard to hit small targets such as Melka, Thorn and Miko.

I don’t have to lead with any of those though? But overall the hit registration in this game feels weird af so what do I know.

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